Daily 3-Bet: DW on Survivor, HoF on Blast, WPT Cambodia?

Daniel Negreanu
HoF what?

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Today in the 3-Bet we find David Williams eyeing another reality turn, old timers go off on Hall of Fame snubs and the World Poker Tour lands in Cambodia.

1) MC #2 >> Lone Survivor?

If you watched the pulse-pounding 2-hour finale of MasterChef USA 7 last night you know poker pro David Williams fell just short of the MC trophy, cookbook deal and $250k payday.

David Williams
Reality TV gold.

While Las Vegas DJ Shaun O'Neale's entrée may have pushed him over the top there's no question who the breakout "star" of the season was.

Every reality show needs a good villain and Williams played the role to perfection with his play-to-win strategy, hot-headed temper and epic walk-out in the penultimate episode.

He also showed some dazzling creativity, plenty of charm and clearly earned the respect of Chef Gordon Ramsay, which made him as equally loved as hated among viewers. 

Importantly he made for some great TV, which usually bodes well when casting directors go looking for sure-win draws for other reality shows.

Can poker pal and Survivor legend Boston Rob now pull a few strings to get him on the greatest reality show of all-time? We hope so ...

2) Negreanu: Hall of Fame "isn't a Popularity Contest"

Remember those 10 Poker Hall of Fame finalists we mentioned the other day?  Turns out quite a few people in poker weren't so sure they were the 10 "best" candidates for the Hall this year. 

Daniel Negreanu5
Not picking Moneymaker, it seems.

For a comparatively small (the HoF has just 50 members) and not-exactly tourist-friendly institution, the annual HoF nominations surprisingly stir up a ton of controversy.

In 2009 Tom Dwan made the final cut from public voting causing the HoF to introduce a age 40+ rule. Last year it was the absence of Europeans in the HoF altogether.

This year the conversation seems to be around "great player according to HoF criteria" vs. "ambassador" and "player" vs. "contributor."

HoF member Daniel Negreanu chimed in with a long blog on how he feels and how he'll vote along with a list of 8 players he thinks should also be on the list.

Dozens of famous poker names have also chimed in on Twitter with David Chiu, David Oppenheim, Isai Scheinberg and Huck Seed leading the list of snubs. Check some of the banter below:

3) WPT Announces Back-to-Back Events in Cambodia

If you played poker in the 90s or 2000s and/or have ever visited Cambodia, the idea that it might one day host not one but two World Poker Tour events in the span of three weeks one day would seem, well, absurd.

Queenco Hotel & Casino.

The global poker boom has miraculously reached that far now as the WPT has announced that very scenario coming this winter.

First up is WPT National Thailand, from Dec. 22-29, which will actually be held in the border town of Poipet, Cambodia, as poker is illegal in Thailand.

That will be immediately followed up by WPT National Cambodia, held in the oceanside hamlet of Sihanoukville from Jan. 2-13, 2017.

Main event buy-ins for each will be $1,100 and $1,485, respectively. Both will also have re-entry formats with two entries allowed per starting day for a total of six entries. 

Which ... wow. That's some big money in those parts. Check the full details from the WPT here.

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