Daily 3-Bet: Duke Bias, Monster Ban, Glass Ceiling

Don Cheadle, Annie Duke
Duke: Might have been overconfident, she admits.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a pony keg of Tahiti Treat guzzled aggressively right in the face of the afternoon poker news soda police.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Annie Duke stumping her decision-making ability on the public-speaking circuit, a so-crazy-it-might-work suggestion for a ban on energy drinks in poker rooms and This American Life host Ira Glass proclaims his poker ineptitude.

1) Annie Duke, Decision Maker

Annie Duke
Cognitive bias her downfall.

She calls it “putting poker on the back burner,” but if you’ve been curious where Annie Duke’s been since the collapse of the Epic Poker League she’s been selling her decision-making ability via speaking engagements.

Her latest appearance, at World Café Live in Philadelphia, was profiled in the Philadelphia Business Journal yesterday by writer Sonja Sherwood.

Anyone in poker would likely see her conclusions in a different light but Duke's insight seems to go over pretty well with the tech sector/venture capitalists she’s pontificating to. Beyond her take on how poker players make decisions and how it relates to life, she also made mention of her “culpability” in the Epic Poker meltdown:

“I had a business go into chapter 11 last year,” she says, “and given the information that I had, I think I made pretty good decisions along the way, but when I look back I realize, oh, I should have seen this and I should have seen that and I was overconfident here, and I really believed in my own idea too much in this place…

“No human is free from cognitive bias and the best that we can strive for is to get ourselves to a point where we’re the most rational that we can possibly be.”

So, there you have it. Chalk it up to the ol' cognitive bias. Hope that makes you feel better about it, Epic freeroll shafteees. For a different take on it, check out Short-Stacked Shamus’ here.

2) Ban Energy Drinks in Poker Rooms? Not so Crazy, Really

monster energy
Monster in our midsts?

Well, actually, of course it is. We're all adults that can make decisions like what and how much to drink while we play poker.

But the logic of it isn't as ludicrous as it seems on first glance.

In an intriguing editorial on Poker Player Newspaper, publisher and Army vet Stanley R. Sludikoff floats the idea and comes to a fairly reasonable conclusion all in all.

His evidence:

  • Command Surgeon for the US Army recommended Energy Drinks be banned from Army and Air Force installation stores
  • Energy drinks are mostly caffeine and sugar. Caffeine, like any drug, has an upper limit to its safety.
  • Manufacturers neither limit nor disclose the amount of caffeine in energy drinks.
  • At high doses caffeine causes nervous tremors, racing hearts and deteriorating cognition.
  • In 2011, energy drinks sent 20,783 adults and children to hospital emergency rooms, a 37% increase over 2010.
  • The FDA reports five deaths associated with Monster Energy and 12 with 5-hour energy

We're not really into bans (2 liters of Dr. Pepper 4 life!), but we're not opposed to helpful information for poker players.

3) Ira Glass - Underground Poker Lover, Fish

Glass: Maxed out

If poker ever wanted a poster boy for its final push into widespread acceptance, is there anyone better than NPR icon Ira Glass?

The long-time host of This American Life - mature, intelligent and pretty much the pantheon of objective (if left-leaning) reasoning - has come out as a poker fan before in various show segments but confirmed it again in a new interview in the Las Vegas Sun.

Ironically, given the recent indictments, he says he still plays poker primarily "illegally" in New York. He also captures exactly where most of us sit when it comes to our own ceiling in poker.

"I still play. I play mostly in an illegal card room in New York City. I don’t know if it’s bad to say that or not.

"But honestly, I haven’t played in six months, and I absolutely plan on playing when I come to Vegas. I’m not so good, but I enjoy it.

"I’ve read the poker books, but at this point, everybody who’s playing has read the poker books. I feel like I’m knowledgeable enough to understand what’s going on in the game, and I understand why I suck.

"And I’m not sure if I’ll ever rise beyond that to the level where I don’t suck. I understand what it would take to be good, but I just don’t know if I would ever actually get there"

Don't we all. Check the full interview here.

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