Daily 3-Bet: Duhamel Popped, Weisner Locked, Poker for Glory?

Melanie Weisner
Newly signed Lock Poker pro Melanie Weisner

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a quick spin through three less-trafficked poker news stories that deserve a second look.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Jonathan Duhamel on the receiving end of another sucker punch, another up-and-coming pro gets locked in to a pro deal and the debate about whether poker is for money or not gets weird.

1) Finger Gets Punchy with Duhamel at PCA

We’ve written about German Martin (0Piggybank) Finger’s booze-induced aggressive tendencies before, but it seems like he’s still not so good with the drink.

Finger: Needs to keep his hands to himself.

This time the object of his aggression wasn’t a disagreeable restaurant window but 2010 WSOP Main Event champ Jonathan Duhamel.

Duhamel was out celebrating his runner-up finish in the PCA $25k High Roller, as you do, when Finger sucker punched him in the face for “talking trash.”

Or, as he explained it on IM (loosely translated) to a German friend, "in the puss."

Piggybank: i’m drunken
Piggybank: duhamel is drunken
Piggybank: he started talking trash
Piggybank: i was thrown out of the club
Piggybank: even i ddin’t do anything
Piggybank: i waited for him in front of the club
Piggybank: he comes out
Piggybank: i hit him in his puss
Piggybank: nice line
Piggybank: imao

Piggybank: he was soooooo drunken
Piggybank: pissing me off, even i just wanted to walk by
Piggybank: really getting on my nerves
Piggybank: i just chill
Piggybank: he was kinda aggro
Piggybank: security
Piggybank: busting me
Piggybank: i’m out
Piggybank: waiting the whole time
Piggybank: with isildur
Piggybank: then duhamel showes up
Piggybank: i walk towards him an hit him directly in his face. security intervene

Duhamel didn’t seem too worse for wear, based on his tweets and the fact he took home $1.2 million from the PCA.

2) Melanie Weisner Signs as Lock Poker Pro

Melanie Weisner
Locked in.

Former Full Tilt pro Melane Weisner has a new deal with Lock Poker.

Weisner joins Chris Moorman, Matt Stout and Leo Margets, among others, on the Lock Pro Elite team.

With just under $400k in career live earnings and $1.2 million online under the screen name Callisto 5, the 25 year-old from Houston, Texas, is a rising star in the game and part of the next generation of female pros weaned on the internet.

"Melanie is a perfect fit for Lock," CEO/Owner of Lock Poker Jennifer Larson said.

"Passionate, relentless in her dedication to the game and incredibly intelligent. Players like Melanie give us the true insight into the product and player experience that we need to become the best."

Weisner's biggest live cash was for €30,000 at EPT Prague last year but she has several scores in the same range.

Online her biggest score is $50,397.50 in the PokerStars Sunday 500.

To sign up and get our exclusive bonus at Lock Poker, check out our Lock Poker review.

3) Poker For Wins, Not Money, is Crazy Talk

In two recent International Federation of Poker blog posts the idea was floated that the "real story" in a poker tournament is the glory of the win, so to speak, rather than the payout.

Excerpt from blog one:

"if we want our game to be taken seriously as a competitive sport and to take the focus off gambling then we need to start appreciating players not for their total tournament winnings, but for how they stack up against the other greats of this game of giants."

Excerpt from blog two, where Leonid Bilokur's win in the PCA $25k is used as a case study:

"The event was won by Ukrainian player Leonid Bilokur, an accomplished player even before he won the first prize ($1.1 million).

Bilokur: Did it all for the trophy? No.

"When asked how the money would change his life he merely shrugged, brushing off the question in that old fashioned way.

"It was too important a title to be sullied by the issue of money ....


"On course for victory, before Bilokur made a remarkable comeback heads-up, Duhamel was visibly devastated that he’d fallen short of another title.

"Was it the money he was interested in ...? No. The Canadian only wanted the esteem of a new title, the number “1” shining proudly on his tournament Palmares."

To which we say, um, no. That is a pretty bad misread.

The only people who don't want to win poker tournaments for the money are people who have lots of money.

Anything else is crazy talk.

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