Daily 3-Bet: Doyle Sours, Deadwood Flowers, New Micros!

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Every Rose has its unicorn.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a slightly tipsy three-man GT Sno Racer ride down the icy, rutted afternoon poker news hill.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Doyle Brunson taking the ban hammer to his Twitter haters, the town of Deadwood reviving itself via gambling and word of a new Micros episode on the horizon.

1) Doyle Sours on Scumbags, Says Vegas Cash Games Booming

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Doyle Brunson came out in support of his FTP pals/discussed loaning money in his blog?

Doyle Brunson
Doyle: Hates haters.

Didn’t go over so well with some people – and a lot let him know about it through vitriolic Tweets. So much so he had to wield a heavy ban hammer, according to a post from last week:

“Twitter has become a big thing in our country. It is fun and you make a lot of contacts with people you could never meet under normal circumstances. It puts you in touch with a lot of bitter, sour, scumbags who say terrible things.

“I try to be reasonable but it comes to a point you have to say goodbye to those folks. I've had to block 150 people who follow me because of their abusive comments.”

Not one to be deterred, Brunson is back on the Twitter/blog horse today with a more light-hearted post about old robberies and a recent surge in cash-game action he’s taking advantage of in Vegas:

It looks like the cash games in Vegas are really starting to come around. Although the stakes are much lower than before Black Friday, there are mid-range games every day with more and more players participating …

"I've got to leave and go to the casino and play now. I'm averaging 9-10 hours 7 days a week. Kinda hard on me at my age but as my Dad used to tell me, "you gotta make hay while the sun shines".

If you don’t love the fact poker’s most iconic player even bothers to tweet/have a blog (writing it out in longhand on paper first, no less), you may be dead inside.

2) Deadwood, South Dakota: Saved by Gambling

Also hates haters.

The town of Deadwood, South Dakota, made famous by Will Bill Hickok's poker hand and the HBO series Deadwood, is upping its gambling limits to inject even more life into the once-dead town.

Already resurrected once by the introduction of gambling in the late 80s, Deadwood has seen a recent dip in profits so state officials are upping limits on gambling from $100 to $1,000 as of July 1.

According to a recent article on TriValleyCentral.com, gambling revenue since legalization in 1989 has gone from about $29 million in 1990 to $106 million in 2010.

Kevin Kuchenbecker, Deadwood’s historic preservation officer, said gambling money literally saved the town and provides the upkeep needed to keep the old town "old."

"It was always meant to benefit historic preservation here. From the get-go, that was the No. 1 goal,” Kuchenbecker says. 

“Preservation is never-ending. It’s ongoing. Deadwood was a dying community, and gaming brought it back.”

This is only the second time the limit has been increased since gambling was re-legalized - the first being from $5 to $100.

3) New Micros Episode Coming Soon!

The Micros - poker's best and only animated cartoon - is brilliant.

Writer/Producer Jay Rosenkrantz tweeted today that a new episode is coming out very soon and that it could be the funniest one yet.

Enjoy that news heading into the weekend. Follow The Micros on Twitter and like them on Facebook too.

Revisit the Micros Mega-Trilogy as a refresher below. So very good:

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