Daily 3-Bet: Doyle Defense, Octo-Nine Lines, ISPT Answers

doyle gun 3bet
Doyle Brunson asked politely to bring his gun into the Bellagio poker room.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a run-and-gun recon mission through the bullet-riddled rubble of the poker news war zone.

Today in the 3-Bet we bring you news of Doyle Brunson trying to take measures to protect himself at the poker table, the latest betting lines on the WSOP October Nine final table plus new information about the International Stadiums Poker Tour set for next year in London.

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1) Doyle Brunson Stays Strapped

While Doyle Brunson’s rapier wit is accessible on a daily basis via his Twitter account, the gambling legend’s blog posts are becoming fewer and more far between.

Doyle Brunson
Doyle reiterates why it's never smart to mess with Texas.

Late last week Dolly released a new one and we love it for a few key reasons.

First of all he’s the only blogger we know who writes the words on physical paper and then has it transcribed for the web. He even includes scans of his writing for the truly dedicated reader.

Secondly, in his latest post Doyle shows us that he hasn’t forgotten his Texas roots, at least not insofar as carrying firearms goes.

While playing at a cash game at the Bellagio a strange thing happened. Some kid that looked like he might not be old enough to be in the casino walked into Bobby’s Room. He looked at all the cash and large denomination chips then turned back and walked to the door as if he was leaving. He made a quick spin and came back to our game and looked directly at me. He then looked again at the money, turned and went out the door where several players at a different game heard him say, “I’m going to come back with a gun and take that money.” Someone alerted the floor supervisors who called security. When security got there we told them what had happened and they got the surveillance tapes and put out an alert on the Kid. Both of the games broke up as nervous players wanted to leave. I told the security man if he would allow me to get my gun I always carry in my car I would stay and keep playing. They of course said no so I left. I didn’t like the idea of being a sitting duck for some nut case.

Get the full blog post from Doyle’s site right here.

Jesse Sylvia and Kara Scott
"Did I mention I've got a huge stack?"

2) Sylvia (Predictably) Crushing October Nine Betting Lines

It’s been less than week since the final table of the 2012 WSOP Main Event was set and gamblers are already hungrily eyeing the betting lines.

Not surprisingly dominant chip leader Jesse Sylvia is way out in front with odds of just 3 to 1 against, while shortstack Jeremy Ausmus was found least likely to win with odds of 11 to 1.

The odds were released by Bovada LV (formerly Bodog). Here they are in full, with player chip counts.

Jesse Sylvia (43,875,000) - 3/1
Andras Koroknai (29,375,000) - 9/2
Greg Merson (28,725,000) - 5/1
Russell Thomas (24,800,000) - 6/1
Michael Esposito (16,260,000) - 9/1
Steven Gee (16,860,000) - 9/1
Jake Balsiger (13,115,000) - 10/1
Robert Salaburu (15,155,000) - 10/1
Jeremy Ausmus (9,805,000) - 11/1

The standouts for us are Greg Merson at 5 to 1 and Steven Gee at 9 to 1. Both of them have won WSOP bracelets and have a ton of tournament experience.

3) ISPT is for Real, Poker Community Remains Skeptical

Laurent Tapie
Laurent Tapie failed to buy FTP, but appears to be serious about the ISPT.

Contrary to popular opinion and, well, common sense, the International Stadiums Poker Tour is gaining more credence by the day.

Last month the ISPT website was updated with the event structure and a press conference was held where more information about the tour’s inaugural event came to light.

Stephen McLean, an Irish tournament organizer who is working with the ISPT, has been answering questions in a thread on Two Plus Two and multiple forum posters have confirmed that Wembley Stadium is indeed booked for the event next May.

But, despite what’s beginning to look like definitive evidence that the ISPT is a real thing, many in the poker community are still unconvinced.

The sheer size and logistical complexity of the event is a concern to most, but so is the question of whether anyone really wants to attend a six-day live event happening out-of-doors in one of the world’s rainiest cities.

McLean attempts to answer those questions and many more, and has essentially staked his reputation as a tournament organizer on the ISPT’s legitimacy.

Keep an eye on the conversation as it develops here.

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PokerListings.com 2012-07-23 18:30:55

Just on hiatus for WSOP. Think it's obvious from the first photo here we're never gun shy ;)

elchingon6 2012-07-23 13:19:55

where has been the 3-bet been? Was thinking you all got gun shy.

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