Daily 3-Bet: DNegs Weighs In, Blom Signs On, Nov. 9 Tax Toll

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an eye in the peephole, a tiptoe away from the door and a breathless afternoon waiting for the poker news tax collector to leave.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find poker's de facto voice of reason weighing in, Viktor "Isildur1" Blom finds a new sponsor (at least for a few days) and the taxman tolls for the members of the November Nine.

1) DNegs Gets Egged!

Wonder what Daniel Negreanu thinks about this whole Hellmuth/Colman mess, Martin Jacobson as the new WSOP champion and how you should treat your colon?

You're in luck! DNegs spoke with PokerTube's Rikard Aberg and aired out everything on his mind of late including the revelation he's no longer a vegan (kind of). As always, it's worth the full listen:

2) Viktor Blom Signing with Unibet?

Well ... probably not. But the idea is intriguing.

One-off deal or sign of things to come?

Viktor "Isildur1" Blom is probably the #1 poker free agent on the market right now after his Full Tilt deal expired last month.

He's dabbled a bit online since, although far from his usual stakes, and played some in Macau where he appears to be currently.

But he's definitely been far from his "headline" status lately until this Tweet popped up last Friday:

Rumors of an impending sponsorship obv. started to circulate but upon closer look it seems like just a one-off and Blom will only headline the cash game.

It's an interesting lineup though with Blom, Neil Channing, Nicolas Levi, Teddy Sheringham and former Edmonton Oiler Esa Tikkanen on board. Watch the live stream right here in five days.

3) Tax Bell Tolls for November Niners

In the end, really, it's a question mostly just poker players care about it: Just how much of the $10m (or $5m, or $3m) does a poker player who makes a huge score get to keep?

Tax or no tax, that's the question.

The answer of course, as it usually is in poker, is "It depends."

Each individual's agreements/obligations as far as backers, make-up and cross-books go can vary widely and we'll likely never really know the *exact* figure each player takes home.

One thing that is right out in the open (more or less) given each player's known place of residence/country? The cut that goes to the taxman.

Russ Fox of Taxable Talk has done his annual breakdown of what the 2014 WSOP November Niners will pay and, at first look, things look good for the European final three.

Given what we know and love about Sweden, and this piece from Norway's The Local about Felix Stephensen, it might not be so cut and dry in the end. Fox's tax tally:

Winner                             Before-Tax Prize                  After-Tax Prize

1. Martin Jacobson              $10,000,000                         $10,000,000

2. Felix Stephenson             $5,147,911                           $5,147,911

3. Jorryt van Hoof               $3,807,753                            $3,807,753

6. Andoni Larrabe                $1,622,471                            $1,622,471

4. William Tonking               $2,849,763                            $1,534,006

5. Billy Pappaconstantinou    $2,143,794                            $1,260,490

7. Daniel Sindelar                 $1,236,084                            $741,687

8. Bruno Politano                  $947,172                               $663,020

9. Mark Newhouse                $730,725                                $406,558

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