Daily 3-Bet: Deauville Out, Raymer Signature Shades, Warriors CCR

Greg Raymer
New era, new look

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the end of the Deauville stop on the EPT, former WSOP champ Greg Raymer flips his shades and the Golden State Warriors take another page from the poker book.

1) Deauville Out as EPT Stop

Au revoir, Deauville.

It was rumored before, evolved to a sure thing during the festival itself and now it's official: the European Poker Tour won't be returning to Deauville, France in Season 12.

With declining numbers for the last few years and restrictive taxes making things extra difficult for big buy-in events in France it doesn't come as much of a surprise.

Still, after 10 trips to Deauville in 11 seasons, it's sad to see a staple of the yearly poker calendar wiped off the books.

According to PokerStars there will still be France Poker Series events as part of an ongoing partnership with Barriere Casinos but an EPT stop in France is likely out of the question - at least for now.

A replacement has yet to be named with Barcelona and Prague the only stops confirmed for Season 12 so far.

Next stop on Season 11 is a new one in Malta starting on March 17. The EPT Grand Final wraps things up in Monaco as usual starting April 28. For more info on upcoming events check the PokerStars blog.

2) Raymer Dumps Fossilman Rounds for New Look

Few images in poker are as ubiquitous as Greg Raymer's signature "Fossilman" sunglasses from the 2004 WSOP.

The mirrored, reptilian-eyed round glasses certainly stood out then (and now) and became forever engrained in the minds of casual poker fans around the world.

Greg Raymer
No more lizard eyes.

Those days are over, though. After 10 years Raymer has finally decided to forego the Fossilman rounds for a new pair of signature shades from Blue Shark Optics. The specs:

"The Fossilman has abandoned his old "signature" glasses for this high-octane model. And correctly so. A lightweight metal frame in bright gold finish. Narrow lenses add to the aggressive look. And wide enough to fit most larger head dimensions. With spring hinges and adjustable nose pieces."

At $169 a pop they might be reserved for the most diehard of Raymer fans to pick up, but there's no denying they're a move into the modern era for one of poker's longest-standing ambassadors.

Check the new look out here.

3) The Golden State Warriors Love Credit Card Roulette

Phil Hellmuth
Hellmuth would be proud.

We knew Warriors forward David Lee was big into poker. And we know the Golden State Warriors (at least a few of them) like to play some hands on charter flights after games.

But poker-world staple Credit Card Roulette, too? That's worthy of some next-level adoration.

The Wall Street Journal let the Warriors' CCR habit out of the bag in a new feature piece on the great camaraderie the team shares this year as it leads the Western Conference at the All Star break.

Something Lee picked up from his home games with poker legend Phil Hellmuth? Probably a pretty safe bet.

According to the WSJ Festus Ezeli has ended up picking up the tab more than his fair share as has All Star Steph Curry.

What else have they adopted from the poker world? We'll keep a close eye to see if they start talking about +EV decisions and balancing their range in post-game interviews.

Full piece from the Wall Street Journal here.

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itsatrap 2015-02-13 18:40:05

raymer needs a signature condom instead

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