Daily 3-Bet: Colman >> Ivey, Obama Won't Bluff, Phil+Antonio Go Deep

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Dan Colman's heater slingshotting him past Phil Ivey on the all-time money list, Barack Obama apparently has a bluffing issue and Phil and Antonio head to New Orleans to find some underground poker.

1) Colman Passes Ivey, Awe Inspired

Reluctant winner Dan Colman sure has done a lot of it.

Poker's All-Time Money Leaders list - based entirely on tracked payouts from live poker tournaments - is, we know, a flawed benchmark.

Given the exploding prize pools of the Moneymaker era and the preferred ability for high rollers to collect big scores it's not exactly a true barometer for the best poker tournament player "ever."

Still, it is a good marker for one obvious thing - who has literally pocketed the most prize money from poker tournaments to date.

Up until yesterday the Top 4 on that list was strictly the domain of poker legends with Daniel Negreanu, Antonio Esfandiari, Phil Ivey and Erik Seidel holding down the top spots.

Make way today, though, for 24-year-old Dan Colman. After winning the $10m guaranteed SHRPO main event for $1.44m Colman moved past Phil Ivey into third overall with roughly $21.5m in career earnings - almost all of it coming in the last six months!

Granted Colman's total has been boosted by this massive $15m score in the $1m Big One for One Drop, but so have Esfandiari's and Negreanu's.

Whatever you think of the all-time money list it's still an inspiring achievement for such a young player and one that's impressed even the best pros in the world:

2) Obama a Foreign Policy Nit?

We've seen poker used as a metaphor for politics so many times in mainstream media, and so poorly, we barely pay it any mind these days.

When The Economist goes to the poker playbook, though, it's worth a second look. In a new post today they compare President Obama's actual poker tendencies to his ability to face off with "America's enemies."

obama negreanu
He taught me small ball.

"He calls himself a 'pretty good' poker player. Barack Obama’s poker-buddies, including Illinois politicians who played with him weekly when he was a state senator, tend to agree.

"Quizzed by profile-writers, they have described a cautious, canny card player. Mr Obama would bluff only if he had halfway-decent cards, they recalled. When opponents bet high, Mr Obama would not engage unless he held a strong hand of his own.

"As president, he is said to favour a more demure card game, spades. That may be just as well. At a bumpy moment in history, Mr Obama is strikingly, even confoundingly, reluctant to bluff."

A stretch? Sure. But at least they took the time to check Obama's actual stats in the HUD. Check the full piece here.

3) Phil and Antonio Reunited in Underground Poker

We wish we had a teaser of this to show you as it actually sounds pretty awesome.

The Discovery Channel announced this week it will air a new pilot show on Sept. 10 called Underground Poker featuring two of poker's favorite screen stars, Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari.

An Interview with Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak - 2008 WSOP
Can these two talk their way into New Orleans' underground poker scene? We wouldn't doubt it.

The concept: Phil and Antonio travel to different cities around the US (and possibily the world) and try to get into real, underground poker games with locals.

Real games, real people, no imported pros etc. Sounds a bit like a poker-themed version of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown plus the usual back-and-forth slap fighting of Antonio and Phil.

Which, sign us up. Sounds amazing.

So far only one episode has filmed, shot in New Orleans last fall, with more to come if the pilot goes over well.

Let's hope it does. Tune in to Discovery at 10 pm next Wednesday to help the cause. More about the premiere show and a bit of behind-the-scenes info here.

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