Daily 3-Bet: Boston Rob Poker, Poker-Playing Prez, Baldy and the Chain

Barry Greenstein and Allen Kessler
What about Bear and the Chain?

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In today’s 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Boston Rob reflecting on his poker success, another poker-playing president and an Eric Baldwin and Allen Kessler reality show.

1) Boston Rob: “It’s Really Hard to Win a Poker Tournament”

Boston Rob Mariano Sweats Josh Arieh
Boston Rob sweating Josh Arieh in 2012

In case you didn’t hear, “Boston” Rob Mariano placed third at WSOPC Biloxi this week for $47,805.

It was a significant score for the former Survivor winner who has dabbled in poker from time to time.

Well the WSOP’s Josh Cahlik published an interview with Mariano this week including this great passage about the similarities between poker and survivor:

With Survivor, you have to think longer term. In poker, I try to just focus on the table that I'm at, at that time and not worry about everything else going on in the whole tournament because really you can only control so much.

It's really hard to win a poker tournament. You can do everything right and still not win. At the same time, sometimes you make mistakes but you're rewarded. It's a lot like Survivor in that you try to do things right all of the time but sometimes luck will close the door.

Check out the complete interview on the World Series of Poker website here.

2) Colombian President Santos = Seasoned Poker Player

Barack Obama
Future heads-up opponent?

Colombian President Juan Manual Santos is a serious underdog in his bid for re-election but that’s not what grabbed us in a recent story with Reuters.

According to the article Santos is an avid poker player and spent many nights while he was in college playing low-stakes poker.

Santos was so good that he used his winnings to invest in shares of a pizza company.

"It was just nickel and dime stuff, but he was the man to beat. He was really good and knew how to bluff to win," said old university pal Phil Miller in the article.

Santos is hardly the only president to enjoy poker as Richard Nixon, Harry Truman and current POTUS Barack Obama all played the game.

So basically you have a game that encourages critical thinking, psychology and odds calculation that has been played by the most powerful men in the world and it’s still vilified by the media.

OK then. 

3) Presenting "Baldy and the Chain"

So a reality TV show that followed Eric “BaseBaldy” Baldwin and Allen “Chainsaw” Kessler isn’t the first thing we’d want to watch but a series of Tweets from Baldwin has us second-guessing ourselves.

Baldwin has been travelling across the USA over the last couple days with Kessler in tow and decided to document the journey with a series of photos. The results, well, they speak for themselves.

Note Kessler’s disinterested look in every single photo:

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