Daily 3-Bet: Boeree for PM, Messer’s Poker Night, Jacob on Jeopardy!

Alex Jacob
Alex Jacob on Jeopardy!

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is like a game show of mid-afternoon poker news trivia except there is no smarmy host and everyone is a winner.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll look at a political Liv Boeree, an elite women-only poker game in NYC and a former poker pro making a big splash on the game show Jeopardy!

1) Liv Boeree: If I Were Prime Minister

Liv Boeree

The U.K. is heading towards the General Election and the Independent has been asking their readers what they would do if they were Prime Minister.

PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree decided to chime in with a column focused on adding rational decision-making to the national curriculum.

As she put it:

As a poker player I've learned the hard way that poor decision making, be it from ego, stubbornness or superstition, can be costly both financially and emotionally.

Frankly we’d just elect Boeree.

Think about it: Excellent decision-making, lots of experience working in a male-dominated industry, background in astro-physics, kick-ass guitar player, can rock a skimpy Burning Man outfit. Let’s see David Cameron do all that!

2) The Most Exclusive Women-Only Poker Game

Turns out it’s not just the men that have exclusive invite-only poker games in NYC.

Olga Vidisheva2

Tech mogul Heidi Messer hosts a private No-Limit Hold’em game, that was featured in this month’s Vogue Magazine.

The game is home to female entrepreneurs, models and celebs with the winnings going to charity. Former model and current businesswoman Olga Vidisheva (on the right) is one of the major players.

Messer explained why she started the game:

I looked at how, for men, a lot of business happened in a social setting, like on the golf course. I thought I’d invite people at the top of their fields with the intent to help one another. It would be fun.

Fun fact: All the dealers are men, including Messer’s husband who volunteers. In fact Shaq is booked as a dealer for an upcoming game!

3) Former Poker Pro Alex Jacob a Runaway Hit on Jeopardy!

Remember Alex Jacob?

The ‘fro touting, Yale graduate from Texas that won the U.S. Poker Championship in 2006 for $878,500 and accumulated a ton of ITM finishes at the WSOP?

Well he’s no longer a poker pro (he works as a currency trader in Chicago) but he debuted on long-running game show Jeopardy! on Friday and proved that he still has some serious game-playing chops.

Not only did Jacob win his episode but he finished with $23,200 and will return to defend his title this week. He also made a lot of fans with his chill demeanour during the contest:

You can check out Jacob's episode below although it's likely only a matter of time before it gets yanked by YouTube so you might want to get on that ASAP:

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