Daily 3-Bet: Boeree Beerfest, Benger Blunder, Bluffing Willie Nelson

Greatest. Home Game. Ever.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Liv Boeree getting sudsy in Atlantic City, Griffin Benger commits a fashion crime and Merle Haggard breaks down Willie Nelson's poker game.

1) Boeree, Selbst hit AC Beerfest

While Justin Bonomo, Igor Kurganov and Chris Moorman did the heavy lifting for the London Royals in the GPL this week, Team Manager Liv Boeree is expected to make her debut shortly.

Liv Boeree3
Seriously, there's like 150 beers!

In-studio host Laura Cornelius dropped a hint yesterday that Boeree is likely to play her first match next week heads-up against Hong Kong Stars manager Celina Lin.

If you can't wait that long to pick her brain for some poker tips -- and you happen to be in the vicinity of Atlantic City -- you can try and grab a sit down over a pint at the AC Beerfest this weekend.

Boeree, fellow London Royal Vanessa Selbst, Chris Moneymaker and Jen Shahade will all be on hand for the PokerStars-sponsored "All-In Happy Hours" on Friday and Saturday.

The pros will be around to take pictures, chat and play a game called "corn hole," apparently, which we hope is less disturbing than it sounds.

150 breweries are on site for Beerfest this year plus musical acts like Dashboard Confessional, Manchester Orchestra and Reel Big Fish. More info here.

2) Oh No, Griffin. Oh No.

Global Poker League co-commentators Griffin Benger and Sam Grafton were mercilessly (and unfairly) taken to task all week by the anonymous haters on the GPL Twitch chat but, credit to them, handled it with great aplomb.

They didn't get defensive, didn't turn snarky and genuinely took feedback and turned it into improved performance each day.

The hate storm may have reached its apex when Benger misclicked on the "pause game" function and unintentionally discovered a software glitch that dealt out a sixth card on the board. In the aftermath he also popped his knee up over the desk to reveal he was wearing shorts with his shirt/blazer combo, fueling the fire.

For us, though, we loved it all. The commentary was fast, fun and informed, the shorts were hilarious and even the misclick was resolved satisfactorily. What we can't forgive, though?

Those orthopedic sports sandals. Any grown man who puts his feet in a pair of those loses some street cred, Counter-Strike Legend or no. Btw if you want to know more about his background, check out the mini-documentary we did with him a couple of years ago:

3) Merle Haggard: You Can't Bluff Willie Nelson

PokerListings Editor-in-Chief Matt Showell has a standing life dream to play in Willie Nelson's infamous Hawaii home game and now, thanks to Merle Haggard, he knows exactly how to play him if he ever does.

willie nelson
He'll call you down.

The Country Music legend, who died yesterday on his 79th birthday, met Nelson playing poker in the early 60s. Since, their shared passion for the game never faded and the two met regularly to get some hands in.

Last year Haggard and Nelson put out their third and final record together - Django and Jimmie - and Haggard sat down with GQ Magazine after a show to talk about it. They couldn't help but talk about poker, too. Here's the poker excerpt:

I gather you and Willie played a bit of poker together while making the album.
Willie and I met in a poker game in 1963 or ‘64, and we’ve always loved to play poker and we play poker every chance we get.

Has one or the other of you been on top over the years?
I don’t know. I don’t remember any crippling event in either direction—we both played pretty good.

Someone told me that he might have won a bit during the album sessions.
Oh, he had a good hand. He had a full house, of small cards, a small full house, and I had two big pair, and I bet him $500 and he raised me $500 [laughs]. I’m a good loser, you know. You’re going to lose if you play poker—you’re gonna lose once in a while. You can’t win every hand.

I hear insists in being paid in cash.
Oh yeah, we play in cash. There’s no checks.

Can you describe his style of play?
Yeah. You can’t bluff Willie Nelson because he calls every goddamned bet. He’s predictable—you can bet your ass he’s going to call you. [laughs] I think he would probably be described as an aggressive player. He plays all the way through. He goes all the way to the end of the hand.

Why do you think the two of you enjoy that so much?
Well, poker is a game of the mind, you know—it’s not necessarily the cards. When you have somebody that calls every hand, it really changes things around. You have to reconsider.

And what’s your style?
I try to mix it up—I try to call sometimes, and try to know when to fold them. But Willie, he bypasses all that, he just calls every fucking hand. He does pretty well with his style.

I guess you’ll be seeing him at a show this weekend. More poker?
Yeah, probably so. We got our buses—our parking place is next to him so we can play.

RIP to Merle. Read the full interview here.

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Sixhigh 2016-04-09 02:47:40

150 beers, that's cute. They should try the Bierfestival in Berlin in August – 340 breweries and over 2,400 beers: http://www.bierfestival-berlin.de/index%20eng.html

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