Daily 3-Bet: Bilzerian Plea, Sportsbetting OG, Sequential Royal Flush

dan bilzerian
Explosion blows up on Bilzerian.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an unreported knee injury, a tip on a QB's hangover and a last-minute C-note on the perfect afternoon poker news upset.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Dan Bilzerian getting out of jail time via PSA, ESPN profiles the greatest sportsbettor of all time (apologies, Haralobos) and we find out that live poker is (not) rigged after all.

1) Bilzerian Stars in "What Not to Do" PSA


Remember how Dan Bilzerian was upset his screentime/speaking role in Lone Survivor was cut down so much?

Well, he'll have all the attention of the cameras for his latest project - a PSA for the Bureau of Land Management in Las Vegas.

The topic? What not to do on public land - something Bilzerian is very familiar with.

Bilzerian was arrested in December for illegally blowing up a tractor-trailer cab with a homemade explosive in the desert last year. He posted a hint of it to his popular Instagram account where the police tied him to the crime.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Bilzerian and pal Jeremy Guymon will now record the PSA in exchange for the dropping of any felony convictions.

They also pleaded no contest to failing to extinguish a fire and paid $20,000 in restitution. Bilzerian was facing up to 12 years of possible jail time. We asume it's a speaking role in the PSA. More info here.

2) Billy Walters, Sportsbetting OG

This link we're sending you to isn't specifically poker-related, but since inside the heart of almost every poker pro lies a dream to be a pro sports bettor instead we feel it fits the bill for the 3-Bet.

Haralabos Voulgaris
Even Haralobos thinks Billy Walters is a badass.

Ever heard the name Billy Walters? According to an amazing feature story from Mike Fish on ESPN he's been the most successful sports bettor in the world for over 40 years. An excerpt:

"One of Walters' major advantages, Mastronardo says, is his focus on smaller college games, which don't attract much action and thus often aren't researched as deeply by bookmakers.

"'Where they used to make a lot of money was on what they used to consider write-in games, that small college game where I didn't even know they had a line on it,' Mastronardo says. 'You might have a 7-point favorite with two no-name teams and the underdog would win by 15.

"'Billy's art was to keep that game close to 7 and bet as much as you can without the world finding out about it.' One memorable night, Mastronardo says, he was at dinner with Walters and his wife when Walters began asking about a basketball game.

"'He says, 'What did that Old Dominion game open at?' I said '1.' He says, 'What did it close?' I said '1.' He says, 'I put $250,000 on Old Dominion tonight, and nobody knows about it.'"

Enjoy the vicarious thrills right here, poker pros.

3) Sequential Royal Flush Dealt at Aria

So, this pretty much ends the dicussion of whether live poker is rigged, right? Clearly, because something with such astronomically high odds happened, the whole thing's a set-up.

Silly fools. Everyone knows the honest games are online now. H/t Allen Kessler.

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