Daily 3-Bet: Bay 101 Bounty, $200k Teetotal, Sam Simon Forever

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The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a fresh cigar, an unbroken spirit and an afternoon poker news legacy far bigger than the sum of the parts.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find one of the most popular stops in poker paying out as usual, Jason Mercier loses a big bet to Kyle Julius and the tributes continue to pour in for the much-loved Sam Simon.

1) Busting for $ at Bay 101

One of the most popular stops on the global poker circuit is underway in San Jose with Day 1a of WPT Bay 101 play completed yesterday.

As expected a litany of stars - both "Shooting" and otherwise - have made the trek for a shot at a WPT title and what always becomes a big-time prize pool.

The reasons for Bay 101's spot on the "favorite events" list are many. Among them: a very supportive (and reportedly "fishy") local player base, a great structure and lots of good vibes around the poker room.

Another big one? You can get paid as you go by either busting one of the 52 designated "Shooting Stars" (worth $2,500) or claiming the $10k bonus for the end-of-day chip leader.

Seems like small potatoes to your average pro but given the chatter on social media they're clearly no small incentives:

Reigning champ James Carroll claimed the $10k chip leader bonus for Day 1a but they'll be back chasing another $10k and more bounties on Day 1b today. Follow the WPT Live Updates here.

2) Julius Claims $200k Bounty for No-Booze Bet

What's the number it would take for you to give up alcohol for a year?

$5k? $500k? Nothing?

For Kyle Julius the number, apparently, was $200k. And he's now happily claimed it from Jason Mercier after 365 days booze-free:

Sam Simon
Sam Simon on Day 4 of the 2011 WSOP Main Event.

3) Sam Simon's Legacy Just Beginning

While it's been 36 hours since news of Sam Simon's death came to light the outpouring of sorrow, loss and profound respect and admiration from peers and fans alike shows no sign of abating.

And rightly so. Much more than just a TV writer/producer, animal rights activist, poker player and creative genius Simon was an inspiration for hundreds of thousands for countless reasons.

Did you know he also had $358,655 in career live tournament earnings? Amazing.

The Simpsons will, of course, live on forever but far bigger than his contribution to pop culture will be the lasting legacies he created with the founding of his charitable organizations and millions of dollars in donations.

A boat, a building wing, a vegan food bank ... all will carry Simon's name in perpetuity but it's the heart behind it that'll carry his legacy far into the future.

Just a few of the inspirational tributes to Simon can be found here, here and here. More below:

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Boozy the Clown 2015-03-10 17:18:28

I'd stop drinking alcohol for a year's worth of free alcohol

Grant 2015-03-10 14:30:13

Sam Simon was a total boss at life

queenbert 2015-03-10 13:51:36

Sam Simon was so money.

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