Daily 3-Bet: Batman Runner, Gross Stunner, EPT Half Billion

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Long live the EPT

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a pair of fingerless gloves and some flip-up blu blockers that cleverly disguise all of your afternoon poker news tells.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the new Batman about to bring some major eyeballs to the world of offshore gaming, Jeff Gross makes a surprising revelation and the European Poker Tour starts dispensing its second half-billion in prize money.

1) Affleck New Batman, More Eyeballs on Runner, Runner?

Ben Affleck
I'm going to be Batman? Really?

So the news of Ben Affleck as the new Batman hit pretty big last week with small doses of approval (Patton Oswalt, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Joss Whedon among them) dwarfed by massive disdain (Internet nerds of the world go apopletic).

Tbh we couldn't care less about famed poker-lover Affleck as Batman (he's no Mr. Mom, sure) but we are interested in the potential spinoff for the upcoming release of Runner, Runner.

The new offshore poker potboiler from screenwriters David Levien and Brian Koppleman of Rounders fame will hit in September and given Affleck's presence will likely bring some interesting exposure to the online poker saga in the US.

With Affleck all the rage right now it'll likely mean a lot more eyeballs on the screen for this one -- and likely a few more prominent articles in mainstream media about our tender industry.

Bad news for Justin Timberlake's future acting gigs, probably, but likely a good window for the American Gaming Association to push online poker reform up the political agenda a bit. Clip below:

2) Jeff Gross: Worried About Carotid

Jeffrey Gross
Gross: Total neck fish?

So we were happily watching the live stream of the $100k WPT Alpha8 final table this morning when commentator Tony Dunst dropped this little nugget of info on us:

Jeff Gross - he of Antonio Esfandiari/Michael Phelps BFF fame and several nice poker scores of his own - said he's wearing a scarf to mask any potential neck tells.

"Neck tells" meaning the throbbing of the carotid artery that comes when you're nervous/anxious.

Which when you think about it makes perfect sense but also, at the $100k buy-in level, makes you wonder just how common it is if no one else ever tries to disguise it.

Did Gross see himself on TV and feel he was broadcasting his hands with neck pulses? Did Antonio tip him his secret to high-stakes success?

Is the perpetual scarf-wearing George Danzer even more ingenius than we previously presumed?

Hard to say. But wearing a scarf all day under the TV lights can't be that comfortable. Check the livestream for yourself right here.

3) EPT Pays Out Half Billion in First Nine Seasons

Steady job, still as rumpled as a hobo.

We knew the European Poker Tour had had a tidy run in its first nine seasons and, you know, built itself up to be the second-biggest force on the poker planet after the WSOP.

But still. Half a billion euros in prize money paid out so far? Holy shit. That's a lot of cheese passed around among poker players.

Coming full circle from its debut event in 2004 at Casino de Barcelona Season 10 kicks off in the same spot this Friday with a number of luxuries added that were unthinkable back then:

  • 20 direct qualifiers every week on PokerStars
  • Guaranteed 9-handed play on Day 1a
  • Free Wi-Fi/wireless chargers/iPads for use
  • Live streaming webcast to 50 countries in 13 languages (which you can watch right here on PokerListings.com)
  • "Homeless Joe" Stapleton holding down an actual job and much more

Congrats to the EPT - and continued success for the decade to come. Watch how you can become a millionaire below:

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