Daily 3-Bet: Back to GPL Lab, DW Master(Chef), App Central

Aaron Paul IMG 6114
Aaron Paul was a coup. What's next?

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a scalding burn, a batter-splattered apron and one perfectly risen soufflé served to the afternoon poker news judges table.

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Today in the 3-bet we find a new page turning for the Global Poker League, David Williams mastering MasterChef and the best of Poker Central on your phone.

1) GPL Reboot in T-Minus 7 Days

As regular readers of the 3-Bet know, we've been ardent followers of the Global Poker League since its launch earlier this year.

Jonathan Little
First up: Jon Little.

A virtual laboratory for world-class poker players revealing A-level strategy, there was no shortage of riveting moments and awe-inspiring poker during the first parts of Season 1.

Aaron Paul playing poker in the Cube was a pretty stunning accomplishment for Alex Dreyfus and the GPL crew in itself.

That said, there were definitely some lulls to be had (and felt) and, by the numbers, the GPL hasn't built the rabid following it might have hoped for.

League action resume exactly one week from today and, according to Dreyfus, we can expect changes to the product to see just what kind of momentum can be built for Season 2. 

Among the tweaks to look forward to:

  • Jonathan Little (and rotating group of guests) joins studio hosts Laura Cornelius, Eric Danis and Roland Boothby
  • GPL TV mobile app for iOS & Android w/ news, stats, videos, replays and exclusive “Fan Zone”
  • More "fan fueled" initiatives including real-money fantasy and staking possible
  • GPL Playoffs and Finals in Las Vegas Nov 29- Dec. 1
  • GPL Season 2 starts Q1 2017 with improved format, new draft (new teams, player changes and etc.) + trades between teams!

We'll be watching. Check out in-depth player stats from first part of GPL season here.

2) Game Masterchef Optimal

From Vanessa Rousso on Big Brother to JRB, Anna Khait and Fatima de Melo on Survivor to Alex Jacob on Jeopardy! to Liv Boeree on Golden Balls, one thing we know for sure:

David Williams
Wait'll they find out about diamond toothpick.

Average viewers do not like the way poker players approach strategy/reality games.

Between the math-driven Game Theory Optimal to the cutthroat tactics of isolating the weakest players and relentlessly exploiting the biggest spots, poker players simply play games differently than average people do.

Namely, to win. And as a result they usually end up being "the villain," as poker pro (and 2004 WSOP runner-up) David Williams has found out on this season of MasterChef USA.

Williams has shown to be a pretty fantastic chef, for starters, but also shown a very fiery/strategic personality that's flipped the game on its ear and erased some of his toughest competition.

As a result he finds himself in the final 3 with the 2-hour finale scheduled for tomorrow night. Check the preview here and tune in tomorrow; it's sure to be entertaining. And check out his great behind-the-scenes blogs here.

3) Poker Central App Coming On Strong

Have you checked out Poker Central's iPhone/iPad/Android App lately?

It started out a little light on content when it launched last year but since has built up a solid library of very watchable and entertaining poker shows.

Old episodes of Poker After Dark and Premier League Poker plus exclusive coverage of the Aria Super High Roller Bowls/Cash Games in particular are standouts as is the in-house produced Pokerography documentaries.

Download it from the iTunes store right here. Check out Poker Central's live streams on Twitch, too.

Try it! You'll like it!


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