Daily 3-Bet: Aussie Millions a Go, Baller Uno, Blitz’ $100k Powerball

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at the 2016 Aussie Millions kicking off from Melbourne, NBA pros getting into Uno and Dan Bilzerian’s $100k Powerball long shot.

1) 2016 Aussie Millions Begins

Oliver Gill
Aussies doing Aussie things.

As one massive warm-weather poker series starts to wind down another one is just getting started.

The 2016 Aussie Millions began this week with a $1,150 NLHE event and $2,500 HORSE.

Two starting days for the $1.1k NLHE tournament are finished and Aussie Oliver Gill, writer/producer Matt Salsberg and Felix Stephensen are among the various players who have already made it to Day 2. There are still two more starting flights set to run for the tournament.

There’s plenty more to come from Melbourne with the $10,000 Main Event starting up Jan 24 and running to Jan. 31.

Of course the famous $250,000 Challenge and $100,000 Challenge will go off near the end of the Aussie Millions schedule.

You can follow along via Jason Somerville’s Twitch.tv stream as he’s heading straight from the PCA to the Aussie Millions.

2) Atlanta Hawks Playing “Intense” Uno

Earl Barron
Did Earl Barron pick up Uno during his short stint with the Hawks?

The NBA has had a long love affair with poker.

Paul Pierce, Gilbert Arenas and Earl Barron are just a few of the numerous players who love to take a turn at the tables.

Well the Atlanta Hawks are also into card games but it’s not poker they’ve been playing.

In a story with the New York Times, a group of Atlanta Hawks teammates talked about a modified version of Uno they’ve playing.

Al Horford, Kent Bazemore, Jeff Teague, Kyle Korver and Dennis Schroder are believed to be the main players.

They added a number of extra cards from at least two extra decks including Draw 2s, Wild Draw 4s, Reverses and Skips.

“It’s the WWE of Uno, man,” Bazemore told the Times. “It’s crazy.”

We want to play.

3) Dan Bilzerian Misses $100k Powerball Shot

So you didn’t win the $1.6b Powerball. At least you didn’t lose $100,000.

That’s what Dan Bilzerian fired at the record-setting lottery yesterday. He had his assistant read the duffel bag full of tickets he purchased but unfortunately for Bilzerian none of the tickets were the big winner.

We have a feeling he’ll be OK.

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