Daily 3-Bet: Am Seeks $1m Buy-In, Kevmath Hits 10k, JCarver Eats Cake

Jason Somerville
Jason "JCarver" Somerville.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a compendium of three lesser known poker "news" stories from recent days that deserve a second look.

Any tips or suggestions for a future 3-Bet, feel free to post in the comments.

Today we find an amateur poker player looking for his $1 million buy-in to the Big One at the WSOP next summer, social media icon Kevmath hitting 10k followers and WSOP bracelet winner Jason Somerville giving away free strategy tips.

1) Amateur Seeks $1 Million Buy-in for Big One

Amateur poker player @Trejopoker wants you, or perhaps one of your millionaire friends, to buy him into the $1 million Big One at the WSOP next summer.

He’s even auctioning off the opportunity on eBay as we speak.

As any good eBay seller does, he has some answers to your questions:

Q: What does $1,000,000 USD get you?

A: 60% of tournament winnings after eBay fees, paypal fees and state and federal taxes (not including the value of the bracelet.)

Q: How can you be sure he’ll use the money for the tournament?

A: In lieu of direct payment you can meet him at the Rio and pay him the $1,000,000 at the registration counter.

Q: How can you be sure he’ll pay you 60%?

Big One collage
Will TREJOPoker get his shot to sit with the big guns?

A: You can either take his word for it, or you can have your attorney write up a legal agreement which he will sign prior to you releasing the $1,000,000.

Q: Are you guaranteed he’ll win anything?

A: No. You may lose the $1,000,000 - that's poker!

Q: Why him?

A: He’s an amateur who has cashed in the one WSOP Circuit event he’s played. That does make his record 1 for 1 however.

As he says though, "All I need is a ticket and a dream, and I already have the dream."

So far the auction has zero bids, but we wish him the best in his quest.

Make a bid here.

2) Kevmath Hits 10,000 Followers

Most people on Twitter have about 100 marginal-to-slightly interested "followers" at best.

Kevmath doesn't just have followers - he has devotees. And now he has over 10,000 of them.

Kevmath hit that magical number of Twitter followers yesterday and, without a doubt, it's well earned.

Kevmath on the WSOP Circuit
Like a boss.

As a source for anything new, relevant or interesting in the poker world, Kevmath is the boss.

As an added bonus, he's a humble, thoughtful and kind fellow to go along with it.

If by some chance you're not following @Kevmath, his tweet shortly before hitting the 10k mark will tell you all you need to know.

Check out our Circuit feature with him from this summer's WSOP and look for more Awkward Moments with Kevmath coming soon.

3) Jason Somerville Eats Cake

Like most hardcore online grinders that didn't leave the US, Jason Somerville has been short on options since Black Friday.

As a WSOP bracelet winner, he also obviously has a passion and dedication for the game that needs an outlet.

Combine those two things with a recently found $400 bankroll on Cake Poker (one of the few poker sites still accepting US players) and you get the JCarverPoker Eating Cake video series.

It's not often you get free strategy training from a WSOP bracelet winner, but the downtime from his usal gig at PokerVT has generously resulted in 27 new videos for low-stakes grinders.

In short, they're great.

He's worked that $400 up to about $1,200 now at stakes like $.50/$1 and mapped his thinking along the way.

Check out the latest video below and find the rest on his YouTube channel.

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Captain Planet 2011-12-22 18:29:20

No, he wont. Anyone who will even read the ebay post will be at the least an amateur player and if they happen to have a spare million I suspect they' may just play themselves and keep 100% of winnings.

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