Daily 3-Bet: Alpha Dog Cates, Survivor Variance, Perfect Home Game

Dan Cates
Dan "Jungleman12" Cates.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an airtight alliance, both immunity idols and an embarrassing meltdown at tribal council that knocks out your major afternoon poker news rival.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Dan "Jungleman12" Cates making his case for king of the Alpha dogs in Johannesburg, poker pro Garrett Adelstein bringing a new concept to the game of Survivor and how to set up the perfect poker home game.

1) Cates Crushing Tiny Alpha8 Field in Johannesburg

Just nine players - and only one local in Kinesh Prather - bought in to the latest WPT Alpha8 $100k event in South Africa today.

Dan Cates
Jungle crushing it in Johannesburg.

But if you're going to watch/film such a small field, you couldn't pick a tougher crew.

With only one bust out/re-entry so far (Esfandiari) the total prize pool is a "paltry" $1m but first-place still a respectable $500k.

As of right now Dan "Jungleman12" Cates is in pole position to get the lion's share of it with a big chip lead after Day 1. Local Prather is holding his own while Phil Ivey and Max Altergott have hit the rail.

Current chip counts:

  • 1. Daniel Cates 317,000
  • 2. Kinesh Pather 204,500
  • 3. Jason Mercier 175,000
  • 4. Jeff Gross 114,500
  • 5. Antonio Esfandiari 102,000
  • 6. Philipp Gruissem 62,000
  • 7. Erik Seidel 25,500

Follow along with the WPT Live Updates.

2) Adelstein Talks Survivor Variance; Probst Has Doubts


The Survivor: Cagayan preview episode came out last night featuring a closer look at each of this season's cast and his or her strengths and weaknesses.

As we've mentioned before, poker pro Garrett Adelstein is picking up the poker torch from Survivor: China's Jean-Robert Bellande and hoping to run a bit further than JRB's eighth-place finish.

We have pretty high hopes for Adelstein -- especially given his pretty prestigious online pedigree. And he definitely talks a good Survivor game.

We're pretty sure he's the only contestant ever to consider Survivor "variance," at least, as he mentioned in his brief segment last night.

Host Jeff Probst has his doubts about Garrett though. He says Adelstein could crush it as a "triple threat," or have his ego ruin his chances quickly:

"He has all of these skils. The only thing working against Garrett is he's aware that he has all these skills. And he can't wait to tell you that he has all these skills. And that gets annoying really fast."

"He could be a triple threat. Or he could ba an absolute early out."

Sounds about right for a young poker player, yeah. Here's hoping for the former. Watch the preview episode here.

3) Here's How to Set-Up the Perfect Poker Home Game

Planning on running a home poker game this weekend?

Watch our video below for a few simple tips on how to set up your blinds and chip values for a smooth, perfectly timed tournament. For a full range of ideas for your poker home games - from food and drinks to game variations and etiquette - check our Complete Guide to Poker Home Games.

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