Daily 3-Bet: $8.5m Swede, Kid Poker = Legend, Malec Pulls a “Scotty”

Sebastian Malec
Is Sebastian Malec the new Scotty Nguyen?

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at one Swedish poker players incredible rise in poker, Daniel Negreanu’s Hearthstone achievement and Sebastian Malec channeling Scotty Nguyen.

1) Eisenhower1 Powers Up

We’re starting to get the impression that Christian “Eisenhower1” Jeppsson is very, very good at poker.

Christian Jeppsson
The man.

The 2015 Swedish Player of the Year doesn’t get a lot of world-wide acclaim but he just cashed five times over the course of EPT Barcelona for a total of over $100k.

He now has over half a million in lifetime live tournament earnings but his online numbers are considerably more mind-boggling.

Jeppsson has racked up over $8.5 million spread across a multitude of sites (with $4.3m from PokerStars alone), according to PocketFives.

He’s recorded major scores in most online series including FTOPS, WCOOP and more.

He’s a certified beast.

Mark our words, you’re going to want to keep on eye on this guy.

2) Daniel Negreanu is (Hearthstone) Legend

It’s common knowledge that Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu is one of the best poker players in the world but he’s now officially a member of one of the most elite groups in the collectible card game Hearthstone.

Negreanu put his head down yesterday and grinded all the way to Legend status in the popular Blizzard video game.

In the past it’s been estimated that only .5% of Hearthstone players actually make it to Legend status. To reach legend status in Hearthstone players have to climb a 25-stage ladder. It can take even the best players hundreds of games to hit Legend.

Perhaps Negreanu was inspired by meeting iconic Hearthstone streamer Savjz at EPT Barcelona.

3) Sebastian Malec: “You Call, It’s Going to Be All Over”

We can’t really say enough good things about that EPT Barcelona final table.

In particular the final hand between Sebastian Malec and Uri Reichenstein. Malec was spitting so much speechplay that it was hard to keep track of it all.

At one point Malec was even channeling Scotty Nguyen saying, “You call, it’s going to be all over.”

It’s glorious unless you are Reichenstein, who in all fairness nearly made a fantastic laydown.

Check out the craziness below (the final hand begins at 47:30):

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