Daily 3-Bet: $600k Bike Bet x3, Millennial Maria, Cash Game Kings


The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a floating swan, a pair of shades and the undying respect of the next afternoon poker news generation.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Brian Rast picking up the Dan Bilzerian bike mantle, millennials discover Maria Ho and high rollers square off again in Rozvadov.

1) Brian Rast: On His Bike

First Sam Abernathy; then Dan Bilzerian; now Brian Rast.

Brian Rast 2
Ready to bike on short notice.

It seems as though everyone in prop-bet maestro Bill Perkins' inner circle can't resist a good, high-stakes bicycle bet.

After completing his LV-LA ride for $600,000 last month Bilzerian and Perkins found a new challenger to take it on under more immediate - and tougher - conditions.

That taker?

Poker pro (and $7.5m Super High Roller Bowl winner) Brian Rast. The terms:

Much like the last one the side action should be fast and furious. Can Rast make the trek in under 48 hours with a forecast for strong winds? Find out soon!

2) Maria Ho Featured on NextShark

Amazing Racer. TV Host. Two-time WSOP Last Woman Standing. LA Sunset Team Manager. Battle of Malta hero.

The kids love her.

The lines on poker pro Maria Ho's CV continue to pile up and now she can add a new one to the list: Millennial icon.

The 33-year-old Ho has piled up $2.6m in live earnings in her career but that's really just the jumping-off point for her relationship to the game and its opportunities.

Mainstream media continues to take note - the latest being NextShark, an "online magazine redefining success, by millennials, for millennials."

Their mission: "spotlighting current and rising leaders set on following their passions to change the world."

We're not sure if we can add "changing the world" to her list yet but we wouldn't put it past her given her toolkit of skills. One of the secrets she uses to get it done, both in poker and life? Knowing when she's being lied to:

“Honestly, it’s being lied to a lot. This is not meant for people to feel bad for me, or offended — I’ve just been lied to a lot, whether it’s through my relationships or whatever. I’ve always had really strong intuition from a young age. Whenever I felt something was off about someone I could sense it."

Check the full feature (with a ton of photos) here.

3) Boeree, Kurganov Get Their Cash On

Want to watch the always awesome Liv Boeree, Igor Kurganov and Tobias Reinkemeier get some big stacks on the table with some fellow Cash Game Kings?

Of course you do. Check the always entertaining Cash Game Kings live stream from the King's Casino in Rozvadov, where they're starting with some €50/100:

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