Daily 3-Bet: 4 Bad Things, Hellmuth > Obama, Norgesmesterskapet Live!

Phil Hellmuth
Better than Barack at picking basketball? This time, yep

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an AK read, a raise to take it down right now and the optimal way to cut down on afternoon poker news variance.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find four very bad things amateur poker players say at the tables, Phil Hellmuth earns bragging rights over President Obama and Norman Chad (Norman Chad!) helps bring the Norwegian Poker Championship to life.

1) Fuzzy Thinking is Killing You

Donkey hat
Pretty good chance this guy put him on AK.

Ever say one of these things at the poker table:

  • I put him on ace-king
  • I just called to cut down my variance
  • I raised to try to take it down right now
  • I’m gonna look that guy up with anything next time

If so, Ed Miller says, chances are good you're an amateur poker player. And likely to stay that way.

Miller, author of the modern poker classic Small Stakes No Limit Hold’em, writes in a new piece called "Four Bad Things Amateur Poker Players Say" that there are a few major distinctions between the way amateurs and elite players talk about the game. These four verbal tics, though, are the worst.

Miller says they show specifically how recreational players still focus on single hands rather than hand ranges, don't understand variance at all and consistently make -EV decisions using poor logic.

Basically they're doing some "fuzzy thinking" and killing any chance of being profitable long term. Sound like you? Right your ship by reading the full piece here.

2) Hellmuth Trounces Obama in Bracket Challenge

OK, besides straight up UConn or Kentucky homers who had a UConn-UK NCAA final?

Oh, no one? Sounds about right. The two college basketball powerhouses (although not powerhouses this year) met in the NCAA final on Monday to cap one of the most entertaining tournaments in years.

The dowside to "entertaining" of course? Plenty of upsets and millions of utterly destroyed pool brackets.

Standing out in the crowd this year, though? None other than Phil Hellmuth - renowned Golden State Warriors fan and, apparently, NCAA b-ball nostradamus.

Hellmuth placed a very impressive second in the ESPN Celebrity Bracket Challenge, falling just short of winner Bubba Watson but soundly trouncing hoops lover Barack, who finished 16th.

Hellmuth's pick to win it all? Heavy favorite going in to the tournament, Florida. Which sounds about right for Hellmuth's overall philosophy on who should win tournaments.

Screen shot 2014 04 09 at 11.08.52 AM

3) Norman Chad on Mic for Norgesmesterskapet Live Stream!

Wondering what that gigantic, syllable-laden word up there means? Our highly attuned Scandinavian poker radar tells us it means it's time for the Norwegian National Championship!

As is well known around the poker world live poker is illegal in Norway so the event's been held in Dublin for years. That doesn't keep it from being one of the best attended poker events of the year, though, as Norwegians flock to the Emerald Isle for national glory.

Given the incrdible talent pool in Norway the caliber of play is also outstanding, as you'll see if you tune into the ongoing live stream below. Even better? This year the inimitable Norman Chad will be on hand to confound Scandinavians and Irish alike with American college football references. Enjoy!

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