Daily 3-Bet: $1m Weight Bet, Poker Mansion Auction, Twitch Top 10

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at a new twist on the famous weight-loss prop bet, a “poker mansion” up for auction and a look back at the 10 best Twitch.tv poker moments.

1) The $1m No-Wine Bet

Tom “hongkongtom” Hall is the latest poker player to take a shot at a weight loss bet.

Tom Hall
No new wine for you.

His bet is structured a little differently than most, however.

Hall has to drop from 115kg (253 lbs) to 103kg (227 lbs) but while he’s trying to lose that weight he will be unable to buy any bottles of wine, cars, art, watches, luxury items of any kind or electronics over $100. First world problems much?

A noted wine connoisseur, Hall may actually have some trouble completing the bet, which is why he’s getting 10-1 on $100,000.

Interestingly there’s no time limit set for the bet but Hall will be unable to purchase any of the above mentioned items while he’s trying to lose weight.

Easy? We’ll see. Ted Forrest was famously able to drop 48lbs going from 188 to 138 over six months in a bet with Mike Matusow.

Here's the details of the Hall bet:

2) Schulman’s “Poker Mansion” Up for Auction

There is perhaps no better testament to the booming early days of online poker than the series of mansions that are being sold by poker players in Las Vegas.

Barry and Allyn Schulman’s 5,467-sq.-ft. behemoth is the latest to hit the real estate pages. It’s an impressive property to say the least with a Versailles-themed look with plenty of gold and baroque accents.

The mansion will go to auction on Oct. 18 with no reserve set. The previous asking price was $4.88 million. Maybe you can get a deal? Here are a few photos of the house:

3) Top 10 Poker Twitch Moments

Twitch Con kicks off tomorrow in San Diego and poker is expected to have a large presence with community manager Scott Ball and much of the GPL gang all on location.

Here's a quick look at a "10 Best Twitch Poker Moments" list that includes Doug Polk setting a Twitch cash record, a massive Spin & Go win and Daniel Negreanu's literal “stream."

Good stuff all around:

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