Create a Separate Poker Bankroll (Free Poker Strategy Video)

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Do yourself a favor and don't treat your poker money like regular money.

One really common way people suck at poker is by not separating their poker bankroll from their regular life money.

Having a dedicated poker bankroll will help you keep track of your wins and losses and reduce the stress of losing sessions.

In this free poker strategy video we give you easy-to-follow bankroll guidelines and explain why keeping your poker money separate from your daily expenses is a really easy way to take the game more seriously.

If you're playing online poker and you don't want to keep re-depositing, follow our guidelines and give yourself the best chance of never going broke.

Find out how many buy-ins you should have depending on whether you're playing cash games or tournaments to make sure you can survive a big run of bad luck.

Check out the video below and continue watching all ten episodes of How Not to Suck at Poker.

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