Countries begin battle in PartyPoker Nations Cup

Marcel Luske
Luske hopes the Dutch will be the team to beat at this year's PartyPoker Nations Cup.

The third annual PartyPoker Nations Cup is now under way, bringing together players from all over Europea and the United States to play against each other in this team event.

The Nations Cup is a unique event that sees players pursuing personal as well as team glory, according to PartyPoker. The incentive is the $100,000 prize that will be handed to the winning team.

The tournament brings together players from participating nations as well as one PartyPoker VIP qualifier. The U.S. team is an exception, where instead of an online qualifier there is a celebrity player on the team.

The teams this year are:

United States

  • Robert Williamson III - captain
  • Jamie Gold
  • Chris Ferguson
  • Thomas Keller
  • Chad Brown
  • Montel Williams - celebrity player

Great Britain

  • Roland de Wolfe - captain
  • Joe Beevers
  • Ian Frazer
  • Surinder Sunar
  • Neil Channing
  • Francis Durbin - qualifier


  • Michael Keiner - captain
  • Andreas Krause
  • Benjamin Kang
  • Sebastian Ruthenberg
  • Thomas Bihl
  • Thomas Potzel - qualifier


  • Marcel Luske - captain
  • Thierry Van den Berg
  • Hans Ritburg
  • Eric Van der Berg
  • Daan Ruiter
  • Quirijn Van der Peet - qualifier


  • Padraig Parkinson - captain
  • Donnacha O'Dea
  • Ciaran O'Leary
  • Liam Flood
  • Marty Smith
  • Darren O'Brien - qualifier


  • Bo Sehlstedt - captain
  • Anders Henriksson
  • Mats Rahmn
  • Johan Storakers
  • William Thorsson
  • Johan Ocklind - qualifier

Germany is slated as the favorite to win, getting 3-1 odds from PartyBets.

""The German team was amongst the outsiders when the market first went up but the money has just kept coming for Michael Keiner's side and their odds have been cut in half from 6/1 to 3/1," said a PartyBets spokesman.

"Defending champions Sweden have been friendless in the market and were 5/1 outsiders at the off, drifting from being the initial 3/1 favourites to win."

Bo Sehlstedt, Sweden's team captain, didn't seem to think the odds were going to make much of a difference for his team.

"We're excited to be here again and defend the title we won last year," Sehlstedt said. "We were seen as outsiders in 2007, but look what happened!"

Sweden's victory in 2007 came at the expense of the United States. The Swedes were able to eliminate the United States in what was considered a roller-coaster tag final.

"We have already won the bronze and silver in the last couple of years," said Robert Williamson III, U.S. team captain. "This year we have the Gold and are going for gold."

However, Marcel Luske, Holland's team captain, indicated his team might be the sleeper team that's going to surprise everyone this year.

""We all know that everyone [not just Jamie Gold] is going for gold," he said. "There will be no repeat of the obvious - the Dutch are here to surprise."

The tournament is structured in six heats, with one player from each team competing to score points for their team in each heat. The individual winners of each heat will earn $20,000 for themselves.

Neil Channing, Johan Storakers, Chad Brown, Padraig Parkinson, Thomas Bihl and Hans Ritburg took to the table in the first heat.

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