Charania Overcomes Massive Deficit to Earn WPT Paris Title

Mohsin Charania
Mohsin "chicagocards1" Charania.

When you enter heads-up play with a 7-1 chip deficit against the guy who's held an overwhelming chip lead for the past two days, it's fair to settle for second.

Poker is a surprising game, though, and Vasili Firsau found out in painful fashion as Mohsin Charania stormed back to snatch the WPT Paris title and $469,477 today.

Arguably the most talented player at the table, Charania battled hard to get to heads-up play but was was down to his last 600k heads-up when he shoved with Q 4.

Called by Firsau's A 6 Charania was down to just 8% to survive when an ace hit the flop but a 2 turn and 5 river completed the wheel.

Back from the dead, Charania surged into the chip lead a level later before finishing Firsau off in a flip.

Firsau took home $317,867 for his runner-up finish.

Lindley Bows Out Against Aces

Christina Lindley
High hopes dashed for Lindley.

Starting the day second chips WPT Player to Watch Christina Lindley had high hopes to rise to the title but things didn't quite work out as planned.

In the second level of the day Lindley shoved over an Elliot Smith open only to be looked up by Firsau with aces.

The board couldn't help and Lindley was out in fifth.

Smith, a dead ringer for Rush actor Chris Hemsworth, hit the rail in fourth shortly after. Peter Apostolou went out in third to set up the Charania-Firsau dramatics.

The official final six and payouts:

  • 1. Mohsin Charania $469,477
  • 2. Vasili Firsau $317,867
  • 3. Peter Apostolou $204,432
  • 4. Elliot Smith $151,359
  • 5. Christina Lindley $113,614
  • 6. Kimmo Kurko $90,845

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