Brunson issues golf challenge to Antonius

Doyle Brunson

What started out as an innocent challenge from Patrik Antonius in an interview may be turning into a full-blown rivalry as Doyle Brunson has issued a challenge of his own to the young pro.

With the possibility of the two going heads-up for any stakes in any poker variation sometime in the near future, Doyle Brunson has added another game to the mix by challenging Patrik Antonius to a golf game as well.

Brunson issued the latest challenge through his blog after hearing what Antonius has been saying about their possible heads-up match. Brunson said he's been asked during interviews and by friends about the match but has tried to stay noncommittal about it.

But his friends are sending him links to interviews and what Antonius is saying, and he figured it was time to put his own opinions out there.

"I know I've got a lot more experience at most of the games I'll choose. If anyone under thirty years of age can let me pick any game at any time I want, I strongly believe I can beat them," Brunson wrote.

"If I don't, the Brunson Family has three hundred acres on the top of a mountain at Big Arm, Montana. I'll retire and move up on that mountain and enjoy the wildlife and the sunsets for the rest of my life."

Brunson said television networks have been calling about televising the match, but he's not sure the viewing public will understand the games he'll keep introducing during the match.

Then he said as long as Antonius is making challenges, he had one in return.

"I read where he has taken up golf. So, I challenge him to play for $100,000 a hole at Bali Hai Golf Club, any time from now until the end of August," Brunson wrote.

"Surely a 27-year-old ex-professional tennis player from Finland can beat a 74-year-old guy with an artificial shoulder and who has to use a crutch to walk. What do you say, Patrik?"

Patrik has already responded to the challenge in his blog, writing:

Patrik Antonius
Antonius will rise to the golf challenge.

"First of all, when the hell did Doyle Brunson start writing a blog, is it even legal for a man that old to blog? Pretty amazing for a guy that was around before TV's and telephones. And second, what is the gambling world coming to when a 108-year-old man can challenge a young man in the prime of his life to a $100,000 a hole golf match."

Antonius only took up golf a few months ago, and he said he's very happy if he can break 100 when he plays 18 holes. Brunson, however, is rumored to have hustled players such as Ben Hogan and Sam Snead over the years.

Despite that, Antonius is accepting Brunson's challenge, adding in his blog that he didn't have much of a choice, he'd "be the laughing stock of the poker world" if he backed down.

Antonius said he and Brunson met last week to discuss the upcoming heads-up poker match before playing on Poker After Dark.

"In the three years I have known Doyle, I have never seen him looking more alive and with so much energy and focus," Antonius writes.

"Mostly likely due to the fact that he thinks he has finally found the ultimate fish who is going to donate millions on the golf course and poker table."

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