Booming 5-Day Cash-Game Festival Back at Aspers London


At virtually every poker festival around the world, the culmination of the whole week (or two) is the main event freezeout that brings everything to a close.

Not at the Cash Game Festival.

At the increasingly popular Cash Game Fest the cash game is the Main Event. All day everyday, around the clock, at all kinds of games and stakes.

If you're tired of the tournament grind, the CGF stops around Europe offer non-stop cash game poker with great side events, blowout parties and a unique, friendly vibe.

It's basically the Battle of Malta in cash-game form - and it's coming back to the Aspers Casino in London starting today, Sept. 28

Bigger, Better, More Interactive

If you missed the first go-round at Aspers in March this is a second chance to try out one of the most popular new poker series going.

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Starting in Tallinn, Estonia a few years back the CGF has now expanded to Malta, Bulgaria and London and is back at Aspers Sept. 28-Oct. 2.

“After the massive success of the previous event," says Aspers poker manager John Scanlon, "it was a no-brainer to do it all again.

"In fact our players were even asking during the last event, 'when we would do it again' ... now everyone knows the Cash Game Festival is coming back to London and everyone at Aspers is ready to make it bigger, better, more interactive and definitely more fun than ever before.”

Expected are at least 30 cash-game tables running simultaneously in a variety of poker variants. Last time around those included NLHE, Dealer’s Choice Omaha, Six-Plus Hold’em, OFC, party favorite Sviten Special and plenty of mixed games. 

Even better, players can register in advance online for the games and stakes they'd like to play. Players also get a chance to be on a feature table streamed on the Cash Game Festival Twitch channel.

You can register right now on the Cash Game Festival website to secure your seat or package. Check the highlights from the first visit to London below:

After London the CGF will host its first-ever online edition followed by a return trip to its home turf in Tallinn in November. Stops planned for 2017 include visits to South America, Africa and Asia.

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