Boeree, Ho, Gruissem, Filatov Managers as GPL Reveals 12 Teams


The inaugural season of the Global Poker League, set to go Feb. 25, already looks to be a spectacular one as the league announced its teams and managers today.

PokerStars pro Liv Boeree, Amazing Racer Maria Ho, German high-roller king Phil Gruissem and Russian MIP Anatoly Filatov are just a few of the blockbuster names revealed as Team Managers along with the names of the teams they'll put together.

The Los Angeles Sunset, Moscow Wolverines, Berlin Bears and London Royals are among the team names with the GPL Draft set to go on Feb. 25 in L.A. where the Managers will pick three players. A fourth "wildcard" player will be added afterwards.

“Today is an exciting day in Global Poker League history," CEO Alex Dreyfus said in a release. "The confirmation of our team managers is a crucial step towards our goal.

"We’ve secured an incredible amount of talented leaders to represent our 12 franchise teams as well as strong intent from some of the world’s best poker players to make themselves draftable on February 25th.

"We’re looking forward to what the next few months and the inaugural season of the Global Poker League will bring for fans across the globe.”

Expect Gruissem to pick some crushers.

Holz, Moorman, Zinno in Talent Pool

The full list of players eligible to be drafted is still to be determined but some marquee names among the GPI top 1,000 have confirmed their intentions to play.

Unstoppable German wunderkind Fedor Holz, back-to-back WPT champ Anthony Zinno and online poker's greatest MTTer ever, Chris Moorman, have indicated they'll participate.

Max Pescatori, Faraz Jaka, Chris Moneymaker, Bryn Kenney, Fabrice Soulier, Andre Akkari, Celina Lin and Marc-Andre Ladouceur are the other Team Managers announced today.

The full list of teams and managers:

BERLIN BEARS (Twitter: @BLNBears ) - Philipp Gruissem, Team Manager

HONG KONG STARS (Twitter: @HKGStars ) – Celina Lin, Team Manager

LOS ANGELES SUNSET (Twitter: @GPLSunset ) – Maria Ho, Team Manager

LAS VEGAS MONEYMAKERS (Twitter: @LASMoneymakers – Chris Moneymaker, Team Manager

LONDON ROYALS (Twitter: @LDNRoyals ) – Liv Boeree, Team Manager

MONTREAL NATIONALS (Twitter: @MTLNationals ) – Marc-Andre Ladouceur, Team Manager

MOSCOW WOLVERINES (Twitter: @MSKWolverines ) – Anatoly Filatov, Team Manager

NEW YORK ROUNDERS (Twitter: @NewYorkRounders ) – Bryn Kenney, Team Manager

PARIS AVIATORS (Twitter: @ParisAviators ) – Fabrice Soulier, Team Manager

ROME EMPERORS (Twitter: @RomeEmperors ) – Max Pescatori, Team Manager

SAN FRANCISCO RUSH (Twitter: @SanFranRush ) – Faraz Jaka, Team Manager

SAO PAULO METROPOLITANS (Twitter: @saopaulomets ) – Andre Akkari, Team Manager

The inaugural GPL Draft will take place on Feb. 25 at the SLS Hotel in Beverley Hills and will be live streamed on Kara Scott and Phil Hellmuth will host.

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