Weekly WSOP Qualifier Guide - May 9, 2011

10 May 2011, Created By: PokerListings.com
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Weekly WSOP Qualifier Guide - May 9, 2011

The 2011 WSOP is looming and, like every year, there are countless ways to qualify.

From now until the 2011 WSOP Main Event, PokerListing.com will be highlighting some of the best options available through our poker partners.

We’ll give you an in-depth look at all the various satellites including steps programs, multiple seat guaranteed tournaments and Sit & Goes.

This week we’re going to showcase some of the best satellites available on Winner.com Poker, Everest Poker and Betfair.

Winner.com Poker

Winner.com Poker has all the normal iPoker WSOP satellites, including MTTs and Sit & Go steps but it’s also home to the 2011 MTT Showdown promotion, which will award over $160,000 in WSOP packages. As with all iPoker satellites, Winner.com Poker players will receive a $13k Main Event package that includes flights, accommodations and spending cash.

Main Event Satellite Structure A

This structure culminates with a massive $535 WSOP Freezeout satellite that takes place every Sunday at 22:00 (GMT+1). The winner receives a WSOP package worth $13,000 that includes Main Event seat, flight and accommodations.

There are numerous feeders into the satellite final with Freezeouts, Rebuy and Add-on and Sit & Goes available. The various buy-ins include $11, $33, $53, $66, $88 and $106.

Main Event Satellite Structure B

The Winner.com Poker Main Event satellite B structure finishes with a $215 buy-in Rebuy and Add-on tournament that takes place every Tuesday.

Once again every winner will receive a WSOP package worth $13,000 that includes your seat, flight and hotel accommodations.

There are a variety of ways to qualify for the final satellite with MTTs, Sit & Goes and rebuy events all represented. Buy-in levels include $8.80, $11, $13.20, $22, $23.50, $27.50, $47 and $112.50.

2011 WSOP MTT Showdown

Winner.com Poker is offering 20 WSOP packages in this year’s 2011 WSOP MTT Showdown.

The contest is incredibly simple: just play as many multi-table tournaments as you can every month and the top 20 MTT players over the entire span of the contest will receives packages.

What’s more the top 500 players every month will win prizes of their own. First place will net a player $1,500 in bonus cash.

Winner.com Poker’s 2011 WSOP MTT Showdown runs until the end of May.

Click here to check out our comprehensive Winner.com Poker review and signup bonus.

Everest Poker

Everest Poker is running several refreshingly simple satellites to the 2011 WSOP.

The site is offering the majority of its qualifiers to either the Main Event or Event 56, which is one of the $1,500 side events.

Everest Poker Main Event Satellites

Everest Poker will be hosting two massive super satellites to the 2011 WSOP Main Event on May 29 and June 19. The buy-in is $360 and the top players will be walking away with $13,000 package to the 2011 WSOP Main Event, which includes airfare, accommodations and spending cash.

If you don’t want to buy-in for $360, there are several feeder options at $33, $10 and $3.30 levels.

Everest Poker Vegas 2011 Event 56 Satellites

Everest Poker runs value-packed $109 buy-in satellite to the 2011 WSOP’s Event 56: $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em every Monday at 20:00 GMT. You can qualify for the event every day of the week, however, with $12, $3.30 and $1.39 buy-in feeders.

Betfair Poker

Betfair Poker is never one to go light on WSOP satellites and this year they are offering $260k in seats to the biggest live poker series in the world. Betfair is awarding some outstanding $14,500 Main Event packages that include flights, 10 night’s accommodation and spending cash.

$14k WSOP Main Event Qualification

Every Sunday from now until June 5, Betfair Poker will run one of its massive $14,500 WSOP Main Event satellite finals. You can buy in directly for $320 or you can use the steps program, which starts at just $2.20.

$3,600 WSOP Side Event 54 Qualification

Betfair Poker runs satellites to Event 54 every Tuesday and Thursday. The direct buy-in is again $320 but you can qualify for as little as $2.20. The winner’s package includes the $1,000 buy-in to Event 54, seven night’s accommodation, flights and spending money. 

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Like many online poker rooms, Betfair Poker is running an exclusive leaderboard for its players that will see the top three rake-generating players take down a $10,000 Main Event package. It’s possible to earn a package without ever even winning a tournament if you play enough.

Click here for our comprehensive BetFair Poker review and signup bonus.

PokerListings Satellite of the Week

Everest Poker $2,500 Saturday Side Event

Every Saturday Everest Poker offers a $2,500 tournament where you choose the prize. You can pick from a host of live tournaments including ones in Prague, Marrakesh or event Vegas for the WSOP. The buy-in is only $109 with plenty of smaller feeders. Sign up now.


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