Top 5 Biggest Pots Between durrrr and Antonius

13 February 2009, Created By: Sean Lind
Top 5 Biggest Pots Between durrrr and Antonius
After much anticipation, the durrrr Challenge is almost under way between Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Patrik Antonius.

In case you have no idea what the durrrr challenge is, quickly read this news article.

Now that you're up to speed...

Possibly the most active online poker player in the world, Dwan has spent countless hours on online tables playing against Full Tilt heartthrob Patrik Antonius. Out of the countless pots these two have gotten mixed up in since the start of 2009, here are the top 5 largest.



Patrik Antonius

In this $102,999 pot, durrrr gets it all-in preflop with KK versus Antonius's QQ.

You might notice that Antonius's stack is exactly $50,000. The reason for this is that this hand takes place immediately after #4, where Antonius loses his entire stack to durrrr. Antonius reloads to $50k, immediately losing it all with QQ.

Out of the five largest pots between the two, durrrr starts up $50,000 of Antonius's money.


This pot, worth $150,394, has Antonius getting unlucky enough to lose his stack worth $74,697. Dwan makes a standard preflop raise with a small suited connector; Antonius makes a standard call with a small pocket pair.

On the flop Antonius is ahead, but still has a weak hand. He makes an almost pot sized bet (it's a small pot, making for a small bet), durrrr with his bottom pair with a gutshot draw makes the call.

When Antonius hits his set on the turn, he now believes that he holds the best hand. Unfortunately, his two outs to a set were the two cards durrrr needed for a straight.

This pot puts durrrr up $124,697 ($50,000 + $74,697).


The third-largest pot between Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Patrik Antonius came to a staggering $180,390.

The advantage to having a recklessly aggressive table image is that it makes it likely you'll get paid when you hit a big hand. In this hand, durrrr flops top set and is light-years ahead of Antonius, who puts it all-in with his overpair.


Tom Dwan

Antonius's play here wasn't exactly a mistake, as durrrr played his hand extremely well. There was enough of a chance that durrrr was check-raising with a bluff to make Antonius's raise worthwhile.

Adding to the total, durrrr's up $205,392 ($124,697 + $80,695) of Antonius's money.


Believe it or not, durrrr is the winner of the second-largest pot as well, this one worth $205,483.

This hand sees Antonius and durrrr go to the flop. With his overcards and gut-shot, Antonius makes a semi-bluff at the pot, which durrrr just calls. The turn is durrrr's money card. The seven not only gives durrrr a full house, but it gives Antonius the nut straight.

Antonius bets the turn; durrrr just calls. At this point Antonius believes without a doubt that he has the best hand, and is looking to bet for value on the river. Antonius ships the river, and durrrr snap-calls for the win.

With this pot durrrr is now up $306,384 ($205,392 + $100,992).


It would make for a more impressive story if Antonius had lost all of the top 5 largest pots between him and durrrr - but he didn't. Luckily for Antonius, the one he won was worth a total of $320,065.

Unfortunately for the readers, this hand is utterly boring. Dwan reraises another player preflop with A K; Antonius reraises with J J. Tom Dwan chunks it all-in, and Antonius makes an aggressive call.

Antonius knows that durrrr will make this bet with a wide range of hands, only three of which Antonius doesn't want to see.


Peter Eastgate
The Dream.

The board is no help for durrrr, and he ships the pot to Antonius.

With this loss, durrrr loses some money ($306,384 - $158,283), leaving him up $148,101.

Out of the top 5 largest pots between durrrr and Antonius, durrrr won 4/5, for a total gross profit of $148,101.

One thing to remember is that this amount only reflects the wins and losses for these five pots. These two players have played hundreds of pots since Jan. 1, and this figure is not meant to reflect total gross wins/losses between the two players.

Another interesting note is that all five of these pots took place while the two were playing No-Limit Hold'em. This might be the reason that Antonius has chosen to play Pot-Limit Omaha against durrrr in the Challenge.

There's no telling whether they'll stick to PLO for the entire 50,000 hands of the Challenge, but I can guarantee there will be some sickly large pots regardless of the game played. Be sure to keep your eye on the news headlines, as we'll let you know when durrrr Challenge starts, and keep you abreast of the action as it progresses.

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Sean Lind 2009-02-18 17:38:00

Got their positions mixed up there for a hand, thanks for pointing that out, the text has been fixed.

goblok loe 2009-02-17 23:36:00

"On the flop durrrr makes a c-bet with bottom pair and a gut-shot. At this point Antonius is ahead, but still has a weak hand. He makes a correct move by calling here (in hindsight a raise might have been better, but either play is profitable)."

In order to give a credible opinion on what's a better or "profitable" play, you probably wanna get the hand information correct first. If you play the hand history, durrrr didn't c-bet cuz PA bet out the flop OOP. So, mr. expert, is that play profitable or would, in hindsight, a check followed by a raise would still have been the best move?

rion 2009-02-13 21:04:00

duurrr will win



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