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Celebrate good times c'mon.

It might seem unfair for me to win the very tournament I was hosting but if Rhynie Campbell can do it so can I.

The second and final event in the Run-Good Challenge is over and yours truly is sharing the winner's circle with TripJax. We each took a $1,500 WSOP seat but I made a stupid promise before this tournament began.

The reporting team is flying down to Vegas on Tuesday and I (like an idiot) said we'd play an SNG for it once we're on the ground.

I've won the past three years of's internal WSOP battles, with @owenlaukkanen coming in second each time, so I'm not too worried.

Should something go terribly wrong I can at least take solace in the fact a reporter will be putting it to good use.

Today I put the run-good in the Run-Good Challenge. I shoved a number of times and won 40/60's to build a big stack late.

I'd like to think I played okay. I made a few good calls, re-steals and plenty of opening raises were getting through.

Focusing on the screen was difficult, looking through the haze of last night's beverages. 11 a.m. might sound late but it came around pretty quick.

Key players in today's battle were Dr. Pauly, Change100 and's own Dan Skolovy.

Like I said we're rolling down to Vegas this week to get started on the WSOP. We've got some good stuff in store including an alliance with PokerRoad, which is basically the shit when it comes to poker entertainment.

Keep an eye right here on the WSOP 2009 Blog as well as our dedicated WSOP information hub.

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The race is on

We're just two days away from the second and final event of the Run-Good Challenge: WSOP Edition.

This week the prize pool has doubled with two juicy $1,500 seats up for grabs. Last Saturday it was the Poker Grump in the winner's circle, all by his lonesome.

This time around there will be room for two in said circle and we're hoping they both follow in Grump's footsteps by pledging to use their winnings to enter a WSOP event.

We've added a few new names to the roster but there's still time to get involved if you're a poker blogger hungry for free money and the ego-boost that goes with it.

Holler at me on Twitter @mattshowell or leave me a comment below. My previous posts got lots of comments but, and I can't stress this enough, you MUST have a blog! Just having a screen name on PokerStars does not qualify you for this event.

Dan Skolovy and I will be trying to best our performance from the first event, which shouldn't be too difficult given we were the first and second ones out.

With the WSOP closing in fast this is a great way for bloggers to connect from the comfort of their homes before moving shop to Las Vegas for the summer.

The team is flying down next Tuesday to get ensconced before the action gets going. Make sure to keep an eye on the blog here and the WSOP 2009 section for all the action from the World Series of Poker.

The RGC event begins Saturday at 11 a.m. PDT so if you're on the grind stop by the tournament and say hi. You can find it under the Tourney/Private tab in the Stars lobby.

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The first Run-Good Challenge battle is over and Poker Grump managed to beat off the most bloggers to claim the $1,500 WSOP seat.

Spaceman made him sweat a bit heads-up but it was too little too late as the Grump steam-rolled his way to RGC glory.

Since I was the first elimination of the day I wasn't too keen on railing the rest of the event. In the end my curiosity won out, though, and I joined the throngs of ne'er-do-well's on the rail.

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Oh the humanity

And it's over. The first event in the Run-Good Challenge was today and it didn't take long for me to find myself without chips, writing a very short recap for the day.

Things started out well, a little too well. I picked up aces and kings in the first orbit and a half, winning the measly blinds with a standard raise each time.

I managed to grind up to about 1,800 with a few small stolen pots when I had my first setback. I opened #Tc#Jc from the cut-off at 10/20 and saw an 8-5-2 flop with travismiller. She checked, I bet 100, she check-raised to 200 and I called.

Turn's a jack and she bet out 220, about half her stack. I shove and she snaps with pocket deuces. Down to 1,150 when it was folded to Alcanthang in the small blind. He raised, I re-min-raised with pocket kings. A few more raises and we were all-in.

Pocket aces were good and held to send me on my way. The word cooler gets thrown around a lot but …

Update: Chip leader Poker Grump is live-blogging his action here. Check it out.

The winner will take a $1,500 WSOP seat which will hopefully be parlayed into some real cash this summer. We'll have a winner in an hour or two so check back if you're interested.

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Run-Good or Die!

As you may have noticed we launched a brand new blog layout this afternoon (hold the applause). In celebration we've decided to give away some WSOP 2009 seats to our favorite poker bloggers.

For those of you who haven't seen it before the Run-Good Challenge is an ongoing series of freerolls hosted by poker bloggers, for poker bloggers. We've had two before and they both went off without a hitch.

This time around there's more than just cash and ego on the line. We're giving bloggers the chance to grab a seat at one of the low buy-in events at the 2009 World Series of Poker.

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The Win!

The second PokerListings Run-Good Challenge is over and Kid Dynamite is champion! The Grand Final played out earlier today on PokerStars, where the nine best prelim performers went to war for their share of the $2,800 prize pool.

The final event in RGC2: Electric Boogaloo followed the standard PokerStars deep-stack structure and it being Saturday morning, we kind of expected a slow start. Apparently neither deep stacks nor weekend hangovers were much of a deterrent as we watched a big hand develop before we had even gotten our bearings.

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Good rain

The time is now. For three weeks the world's poker blogging elite have been squaring off on the virtual felt for a chance at the Run-Good Challenge II Grand Final. With the preliminaries finished and the sudden-death tiebreakers complete, there's nothing left but the action.

$1,000 was up for grabs in each of the three prelims, as well as the points that would determine who advanced to the Grand Final.

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The Trophy

The preliminaries of the PokerListings Run-Good Challenge are over! Event 3 played out earlier today and with the exception of a few sudden-death tiebreakers the roster for next week's Grand Final is all but set.

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Well played

Event 2 of the second PokerListings Run-Good Challenge is over and once again we have a new face atop the payouts. The infamous Benjo absolutely ran through the field, like a hot knife through butter being applied to a croissant, taking home $600 and one week's status as ambassador to the world of poker blogger freerolls.

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Run Fast

Some people run better than others. To win a normal poker tournament you have to run well. To win the Run-Good Challenge you have to run like Usain Bolt.

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