Run-Good Challenge II: Event 1 Wrap-Up

24 November 2008, Created By: Daniel Skolovy
Run-Good Challenge II: Event 1 Wrap-Up

Event 1 of the prestigious Run-Good Challenge took place today, and saw 14 poker personalities do battle. In the end Poker Shrink outwitted, outlasted and outplayed the competition to take home 600 American dollars and, more importantly, nine championship points.

Those 14 bloggers and poker personalities started the day divided up into two tables, all vying for $1,500 and a place (albeit a tiny one) in poker history.

It didn't take long for the first elimination. The aptly named Luckbox reraises Kid-Dynamite's late-position open and they see a flop heads-up. With the flop of 2 2 A, a bet and a raise get all of the money into the middle.

When the dust settles it's Dynamite with A Q trailing the 7 2 of Luckbox. When the board bricks out, Dynamite is the first victim of THE HAMMER!@# and also the first one out.

David Schwartz of the infamous gambling blog The Die Is Cast is next to bust, hitting the e-rail in 13th.

Hot on his heels, bracelet winner and PokerListings blogger Jason Young gets his short stack all-in with K T all in on a A K Q flop versus Change100's A 5.

With about a million outs he will need any diamond, ten or one of the two remaining kings to stay alive.

The T comes on the turn for the suck but the 5 comes on the river for the resuck. Busting 12th, Jason will have plenty of time to qualify for that PCA seat.

Next to find himself without chips and out of the tournament is Pokerati Dan, busting 11th.

Our final elimination before the final table comes when Short-Stacked Shamus makes a steal off the button with 5 6 and gets restolen on by yours truly in the small blind, shoving all-in.

Getting better than 2-1, Shamus makes the odds-correct play and calls, but loses a 60-40 versus my K-T to finish 10th.

The tables merge from two to one and our next elimination is by way of super suck-out when Change100 gets all-in good with AA versus Michelle Lewis' A-K. The board comes Q-J-X and Change100 can't run fast enough to dodge the ten, leaving her with nothing but a bad beat story and ninth-place points.

The eliminations come fast and furious after that, with the Frenchmen Benjo the next to head for the exits.

Shortly after Benjo's bust I get all-in bad with my A-4 versus Dr.Pauly's A-Q. I nail a four on the flop and fade a queen to cripple the good doctor. He's eliminated a few hands later.

Spaceman and Luckbox are the next to be forced into finding something better to do with their Sunday when they finish sixth and fifth respectively.

With the ominous money bubble looming over our heads, I'm the next to hit the dust when my 99 goes down in flames versus the PokerShrink's 77.

Since I was only playing for pride points and wasn't eligible for the dolla dolla bills it didn't hurt so bad, plus it guaranteed that all the prize money would be awarded today and none would be carried over!

The final three were Poker Shrink, Michelle Lewis and Amy Calistri.

Michelle is the first to bow out of the FFM three-way, setting up a solid heads-up match for the proverbial bracelet between the Poker Shink and Amy Calistri.

Amy fights hard, but as the name of the tournament suggests, it isn't about fighting hard; it's about running good, and ultimately she can't run as good as The Shrink.

The final hand ends up being a coin flip with Amy's JJ versus the Shrink's K-Q. The board comes and goes A 6 5 Q T and Shrink ships the bracelet, a cool $600 and 9 RGC points for his efforts.

Shrink wasn't the only one to lock up some much-needed RGC points. After all, if you want to play in the Run-Good Challenge final, you gotta lock up some points, because only the top nine make it. So here's the point breakdown after the first tournament.

PokerShrink - 9 points

Amy Calistri - 8 points

Michelle Lewis - 7 points

Daniel Skolovy - 6 points

Luckbox - 5 points

Spaceman - 4 points

Dr.Pauly - 3 points

Benjo - 2 points

Change 100 - 1 point

There are still plenty of points up for grabs with two more preliminary tournaments coming up, so don't count anybody out just yet. We'll pick up the action next week with Event 2 kicking off at the same time and place (2 p.m., Poker Stars). So tune in to see who picks up some points and who takes home some of the $1,500 in prize money!

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Poker Shrink 2008-11-25 03:31:00

Bring in the big guns next week; dilute the points pool, I got my nine! And I got cruise control.

Kid Dynamite 2008-11-25 02:08:00

did Benjo ever show? or did his empty chair outlast me by 90 minutes?

Matt Stout 2008-11-25 01:07:00

GAHHHH I'm the worst! I can't believe I spaced on the date! :-(

Sorry guys, I will be there next week for sure...and I will finish at least 10th if Jason is finishing at least 11th for SURE. =)

Jason Young 2008-11-24 19:20:00

I'm putting it here for everyone to see...I GUARANTEE at least an 11th place finish next week!



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