Random WSOP Observation #24: Starcraft Bad, Poker Good

Created By: Sean Lind
24 June 2009
Posted in: WSOP Blog, Tournament Trail
elky good v bad

For those of you who don't follow the hardcore Korean computer-gaming leagues, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier used to be boss at Starcraft.

Unfortunately, something about spending all your time in the dark defending your Terran troops from a Protoss alien invasion equates to blanched skin and a truly spectacular hairdo.

Two noticeable things have changed since Grospellier made the move from Starcraft to poker:

  1. He no longer looks like a bad acid trip
  2. He now has millions of dollars
In short, when it comes to winning at life: Starcraft bad, poker good.

Check the Live Updates to keep an eye on Day 2 of event #45, $10k Pot-Limit Holdem.

ElkY's currently sitting with 140,000 in chips, and only 67 players stand between him and a championship bracelet.


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