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Poker Friends Offers Private Mobile Poker Games

Created By: Arthur Crowson
24 February 2014
Posted in: Online Poker, Poker Gadgets and Technology

Poker Friends is yet another entry in the crowded free-to-play poker app market but it does have one killer feature.

Players on Poker Friends can create their own private games for friends and family without any random strangers in the game.

It’s similar to the way PokerStars offers home games on their desktop client but have yet to add the feature to their mobile offering.

It’s a significant feature that, for instance, allows a group of friends waiting at the airport to instantly cue up a private cash game. Theoretically users can wager money with each other in real life without having to pay any rake.

Interestingly Poker Friends also has an asynchronous format, similar to the old school play-by-mail, which lets users take their turn at the time they choose. Games could potentially last weeks, which could be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it.

We spent some time fooling around with Poker Friends and while it’s not a serious poker offering, with plenty of advertisements for buying play money chips, it would be worth it for the bigger online poker operators to take a closer look at the product.

Poker Friends is available for iOS and Android. To learn more check out the Poker Friends website.

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Pete Marks 2014-02-25 01:41:13

looks nice. will check it out..

Mick Donelly 2014-02-25 01:28:40

Was looking for something like this, thanks Arthur.