Playing Online Poker on the Apple iPad

27 January 2010, Created By: Sean Lind
Playing Online Poker on the Apple iPad

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Although it's impossible to be 100% certain, as Apple could make changes before actually launching the product, it's not looking good for playing online poker on the iPad.

The iPad (which I'm shocked they went with for their name, especially since the whole world was already calling it the iTablet), is basically an overgrown iPhone.

Check out the specs.


iPhone (3Gs)






802.11 b/g


Mobile Connectivity



Screen Size




4.8 ounces

1.5 pounds


16 or 32GB


As you can see, the iPad is basically bigger, faster, better, stronger than the iPhone. Unfortunately for us poker playing fools, there are a couple of problems:

  • No mobile connectivity means we need to be in a Wi-Fi area to get online.
  • Since the iPad is built on the same mobile platform infrastructure as the iPhone, it looks like the device will have no support for flash or java browsing.
  • Apple only allows installation of apps from the Apple App Store.

If we can't install a native poker app, and we can't play browser based poker, the only option left is to play poker through a remote computer connection, like we did with the iPhone.

The Advantage of the iPad will be its increased speed (a faster processor, and assumed doubled RAM), a larger screen (able to fit one full table at a readable resolution) and a quicker Wi-Fi connection (assuming you're in a wireless zone running an "N" network).

In short, don't expect to play any poker on the iPad without using a roundabout "hack" method. Since virtually all iPhone apps will work on the iPad, the exact same system used to play poker on the iPhone should transfer over.

Click through here to check out our comprehensive guide to poker on the iPhone to find out how.

I would suggest waiting until Jaadu releases a RDP or VNC app for the iPad, allowing full resolution, rather than up-scaling the resolution from the iPhone App.

Realistically, since you can only use the device with Wi-Fi, and it's the size of a small netbook, it begs one simple question: Why not just buy a netbook (or notebook), and play poker online without having to use any hacks?


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