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Busquet Hits Miracle Runner-Runner in EPT €50k Super High Roller

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20 August 2014
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It’s good to be lucky in poker.

That’s what pro Oliver Busquet was likely thinking earlier today at the final table of EPT Barcelona’s €50k Super High Roller.

Busquet managed to hit an unthinkable combination of cards when he came from behind with ace-king against Sven Reichardt’s pocket kings.

In the hand Reichardt opened for 160,000 with eight players remaining. Busquet 3-bet shoved for the last of his 1.5 million stack.

Reichardt called and flipped over kings while Busquet was in a world of hurt with A 2.

The flop came K 8 8 and appeared to put the nail in Busquet’s coffin as he had a less than 1% chance to survive.

As it turned out, the turn came A and then the river A, which sent the final table into hysterics.

Busquet not only survived but went on to defeat Dan Colman heads-up for the title and €896,434. Watch the hand starting at around 1h25m below:



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