Biggest night ever for online poker

It was all-out war at the highest stakes of online poker last night as the record for biggest pot ever played was broken not once but three times.

At the forefront of the high-stakes battle for the ages was none other than wunderkind Tom "durrrr" Dwan.

It all went down on the action-wild $500/$1,000 No-Limit Hold'em RailHeaven and GusHeaven tables on Full Tilt, which saw Phil Ivey, John Juanda, Gus Hansen, Di "Urindanger" Dang and of course Dwan all getting crazy at stakes that would give the average player nightmares.

The record-setting night got off to a quick start with Dwan winning a $618,000 pot against LarsLuzak. Dwan hit two pair with A 9, while Larzluzak got a bit too aggressive with 6 4 on the river of a 9 5 2 A 7 board. Larzluzak shoved for $270,832 and after tanking for several minutes, Dwan called.

It took just one month to break the previous record of $610,000 won by patatino in September.

Dwan didn't have time to get too attached to the record, however, as later that night Juanda, perhaps looking to spend some of the $1.58 million he won for WSOPE, got involved in a massive hand with durrrr.

In what will likely remembered as one of the sickest suck-outs in the history of online poker, Juanda and Dwan got it all-in, for a total of $678,072 pre-flop, with Dwan holding A-A versus Juanda's K-K. Dwan had Juanda crushed and seemed destined to break his own record by raking the pot but as luck would have it, the K peeled off the river and the pot was shipped directly to Juanda.

You have to think that Dwan won't be forgetting that hand anytime soon.

Even that record wouldn't stand for more than a minute, however, as on the very next hand stone-cold Phil Ivey won a $687,000 pot from Juanda. In the hand Juanda called a massive all-in shove by Ivey on a A T 5 board with K 8 for a flush draw. Ivy wasn't messing around, however, as he tabled pocket tens for the set.

The set of tens held and suddenly Ivey found himself the new "biggest online pot ever" record holder.

The night (now early morning) was just getting started, as Dwan, perhaps feeling left out, would once again get involved in a pot worth more than most people make in a lifetime.

In the wee hours of the morning Dwan would play a hand against Urindanger that would successfully put him back in the "world's biggest online pot ever" category, but not in a good way.

Incredibly it was AA versus KK, with Dwan holding the cowboys and Urindanger with the pocket rockets. It seemed that Dwan was perhaps due some justice for the earlier AA vs. KK debacle against Juanda, but instead the board came up rags and the world-record $723,941 pot was shipped to the younger Urindanger.

With so much action in the latest 24 hours the results are still being tabulated, but early reports have Ivey as the big winner, with approximately $800,000 profit in what would have to be considered the biggest online session ever played.

Perhaps the most impressive stat to come out of the night, however, is the fact that Dwan pulled himself pretty close to even after going down $1.4 million.

The big loser appears to be the lesser-known elmariachimacho, who is rumored to be billionaire Guy Laliberté, close to $800,000 firmly in the red.

You can see the second of Dwan's nightmare hands below via the hand replayer:


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