Beware of Two Biggest PLO Beginner Trouble Hands (VIDEO)

How Not to Suck at PLO ep2
Sucking sucks. Don't suck.

As a beginner learning Pot-Limit Omaha, there are two hands that can destroy your bottom line.

In the latest episode of How Not to Suck at PLO we explain why playing pocket aces and weak rundowns can land you in a lot of tricky situations.

We also explain how to play these hands safely to make sure they don't take a big bite out of your bankroll.

How Not to Suck at PLO is geared towards beginner and intermediate players and it's designed to keep you out of trouble while you learn more about Pot-Limit Omaha.

Start with Episode 1 and learn the key differences and similarities between Texas Hold'em and PLO, and then watch Episode 2 to learn the importance of playing tight and playing in position.

In Episodes 4 and 5 we'll explain how to bluff in PLO, and we'll give you a heads-up about the kinds of players you'll encounter at the PLO tables and how to exploit them.

Pocket Aces and Weak Rundowns = Danger

A rundown is when you have four cards in sequential order with no gaps but, as you'll learn in this video, not all rundowns are created equal.

There's a big difference between a hand like KQJT and something like 6543 and by focusing on playing bigger rundowns, you'll put yourself in fewer tough spots like when you make the weak end of a straight.

In PLO it's pretty common for more than one player to have a straight, so it's really important for you to be the one with the better straight.

Playing bigger rundowns that are also suited or double-suited will also mean you'll be making bigger flushes.

Pocket aces can also spell trouble. If you play Hold'em you'll know that aces are a huge hand but that they can also be dangerous for beginners because they're hard to fold after the flop even when you think you're beat.

In Omaha it's even more likely that one of your opponents will out-flop your aces. But that doesn't mean it's easy for beginners to let them go.

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