Why You Need Bankroll and Money Management


Bankroll management separates the serious players from the amateurs. Poker is a game of swings. It is dominated by short-term luck.

Granted, it's also a game of skill. In the long run, the good players will always win and the bad players will always lose. However, with so much riding on the flip of one card it is easy to understand how short-term luck plays such a huge role.

The reason you need a proper bankroll is to handle these short-term swings. If you're playing on too short a roll, you can be playing your best poker and still go broke due to being unlucky.

When you have an adequate bankroll, on the other hand, you're able to lose a few buy-ins and still play your best poker.

Playing on a short roll can affect the way you play negatively. If your roll is short, you'll end up playing scared. If you are scared money, your opponents will be able to push you around.

If you want to play your best poker and be able to handle the swings that are inevitable when playing Texas Hold'em, you must practice good bankroll management.

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