Bad day for pros at FTOPS VII

Joe Beevers

With two more events taking place on Friday the FTOPS VII is going full speed ahead as we near the main event.

Joe Beevers hosted Event 15, $2,200+$16 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Max, although he was nowhere to be found in the results. The event attracted 1,815 players, creating a prize pool of $363,000. The Full Tilt team would have been shut out if it hadn't been for the efforts of Erich Kollmann, who finished 58th for $726.

FTOPS VII Event 5 winner Bedard continued his strong showing at FTOPS by finishing 71st for $617.

It eventually came down to Canadian YoungSupremacy and Yahoobie who faced each other in heads-up play. YoungSupremacy proved victorious and won $72,600 for his efforts. Not bad at all. Below are the top nine finishers:

1 YoungSupremacy $72,600.00
2 Yahoobie $46,645.50
3 ShermHoy $32,670.00
4 Goods123 $24,321.00
5 0madison7 $17,424.00
6 ozwaldo 82 $11,797.50
7 DonkShizerAlert $7,332.60
8 G de Ipanema $7,332.60
9 TheTouni $4,827.90

Event 16 gave Stud players a chance to strut their stuff with a $200+$16 ante. Stud events are typically less popular than Hold'em at the FTOPS but 565 players paid their buy-in and sat down to pay some antes.

David Chiu handled the hosting duties but was also held scoreless on the results sheet. In fact, not one player on the Full Tilt team made it into the money. Perhaps there was a really big cash game going on somewhere?

At the end of the day metaphyzix beat mikeyb444 heads-up to rake the $26,204 prize for first place. Below are the final-table payouts:

1 metaphyzix $26,204.70
2 mikeyb444 $17,232.50
3 a_zuzolo $11,978.00
4 Dantes_11 $7,684.00
5 Phil Curtis $4,746.00
6 pooli $3,277.00
7 justcarol $2,486.00
8 carsonanchad $1,695.00
9 CrayonBox $1,186.00

With just four events left in the FTOPS VII keep checking to see how this one finishes. Event 17, No-Limit Hold'em 2-day, started on Saturday and will finish up tomorrow. Event 18 finished on Saturday but the results are still coming in. Event 19, No-Limit Hold'em Knockout, kicks off today, and finally the one everybody has been waiting for - the $2 million guaranteed main event - will start later today as well.

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