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Appeak Poker is a play-money poker app that makes it easy to learn Holdem without blowing away your bankroll.

With easy-to-follow game play and graphics, dozens of active tables and players from all over the world Appeak Poker is the perfect poker app for beginners or experienced players working on improving their skills.

With over 500,000 registered players you're sure to find the competition you're looking for.

Whatever your poker skill level, just try it! We're sure you'll like it!


How to Play

Sign in as a guest or create a user account to take advantage of all the full range of benefits and games Appeak Poker offers, from heads-up duels to 1,000 chip bonuses. Keep playing to knock off achievements like winning a hand with a straight or a flush, crossing certain chip levels and make the next grade of competition.

If at first you struggle with the pace of play, stick with it! Making quick poker decisions - or even getting used to setting your bet amounts or using the different buttons - takes time.

Remember when you learned how to drive? It may have seemed overwhelming at first, with so much to pay attention to, but eventually it becomes second nature. You'll pick up the nuances fastest if you just jump in!

If you run out of chips, don't worry there's plenty more where they came from. Enjoy a chat with your fellow players, get used to the different knds of situations you'll find yourself in and - most of all - have fun!

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