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Appeak Poker is a play-money poker app that makes it easy to learn Holdem without blowing away your bankroll.

With easy-to-follow game play and graphics, dozens of active tables and players from all over the world Appeak Poker is the perfect poker app for beginners or experienced players working on improving their skills.

With over 500,000 registered players you're sure to find the competition you're looking for.

Whatever your poker skill level, just try it! We're sure you'll like it, so go ahead and try it!


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How to Play

Sign in as a guest or create a user account to take advantage of all the full range of benefits and games Appeak Poker offers, from heads-up duels to 1,000 chip bonuses. Keep playing to knock off achievements like winning a hand with a straight or a flush, crossing certain chip levels and make the next grade of competition.

If at first you struggle with the pace of play, stick with it! Making quick poker decisions - or even getting used to setting your bet amounts or using the different buttons - takes time.

Remember when you learned how to drive? It may have seemed overwhelming at first, with so much to pay attention to, but eventually it becomes second nature. You'll pick up the nuances fastest if you just jump in!

If you run out of chips, don't worry there's plenty more where they came from. Enjoy a chat with your fellow players, get used to the different knds of situations you'll find yourself in and - most of all - have fun!

Join the Appeak Community today and play the best free poker app!

Frequently asked questions

 1. How do I play?

  • Join a table that is not full (a full table has 5 players).
  • Sit down at an empty seat. Empty seats have the blue Appeak Poker logo in front of them. Press the logo to sit down at that seat.
  • Wait for your turn.

2. I have forgotten my username/password.
If you did set a valid email when you registered your account (or later by going to the settings screen and tapping Edit profile), you can recover both your username and password by following this link. Otherwise, you are out of luck.

3. I have not received my daily bonus today.
Most likely you are in a different time zone than the server. The server clock is set to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)/Greenwich Mean Time. Check the current date and time in that timezone
To clarify, please study the following example:

  1. User A is in timezone EST (which is UTC -5 hours).
  2. A logs in at Feb 11, 8:00 PM and receives the daily bonus. The local server time is Feb 12, 1:00 AM.
  3. A then logs in at Feb 12, 1:00 PM and expects a new daily bonus. The local server time is now Feb 12, 6:00 PM.
  4. Thus both of A's logins occured on the same day according to the server, and A will have to wait 6 hours to receive the next daily bonus.

4. I have lost all my chips, how do I continue playing?
Login tomorrow and you will, as usual, receive the daily bonus of 1,000. You can also buy chips (for real money) by pressing the "Get chips" button on the game's main screen.

5. When I leave a table, my chips disappear.
When leaving a table, your stack (your chips at the table) becomes available as soon as the current hand ends. This usually takes 1-2 minutes; sometimes more, sometimes less. 

6. I did not provide an email when I registered, can I do it now?
Yes. Go to the settings screen and tap Edit profile. Click next and enter your email.

7. How do I remove friends?
Press the "Friends" card on the game's main screen. Expand any categories (such as "Offline") if necessary and press the friend for a few seconds (a so called long press) until a dialog shows up. Press remove.

8. Why are hands sometimes shown and other times mucked?
(First of all, this is not some bug or mistake or something specific to Appeak Poker, please read and understand the rules of Texas Hold'em if you think so.)

First, some brief Texas Hold'em info:
There are two main approaches to showing/mucking in Texas Hold'em. The first one forces all players involved in the showdown to show their hand. It is common in home games.
The second approach gives players the option to muck their hand in certain showdown situations. This is the standard on virtually every poker site.

Appeak Poker previously used the first approach, but now uses this one. We switched because users complained (and rightfully so, we think) about not wanting to give out compromising information about their play. 

Now, we will discuss the two scenarios in which players show their cards on Appeak Poker. The first one is if everybody goes all in before the river card has been dealt. In this scenario, everybody shows their hand in no specific order. 

The other scenario is when the hand goes to showdown and everybody did not go all in before the river. Now, players show their hands in a specific order. On Appeak Poker, all of the show and muck actions happen at the same time, to speed up the game.

They are still performed in a specific order, however. Our rules for showing or mucking are as follow:
The last player to make a bet or raise shows first. This applies even if the last raise was made pre-flop, for example. If there are no bets or raises, the first player after the button shows first.
Then, each player, starting with the one after the first who showed in clockwise order, shows if he/she holds a better hand. Otherwise, the player mucks.
If there are sidepots, the players in those show their hands first.

In the game log you can see who actually showed first by finding the oldest "x showed ...". Note that in scenario 1, there is no specific order, because mucking is not possible. 

Finally, an example:
A bets 50
B calls
C calls
D calls
E calls
A checks
B checks
C checks
D checks
E checks
A is the last better/raiser, so he shows first. A shows a pair of fives.
B has a pair of fours, so he mucks.
C has a pair of sevens, so he shows.
D has a pair of sixes. He mucks (because his hand is worse than the best hand shown so far; C's hand).
E has a flush, so he shows and wins the pot. 

9. I am unable to connect.
Try again in a few minutes. If the problem persists, try again in an hour. 

10. This is the third time I lose connection. I have lost chips because of this, do something about it!
If you are on a poor connection and your chip count is important to you, do not play. Data connections over cell phone networks are not very reliable; you may suddenly lose connection because of e.g. too many nearby cell phones or bad reception. If possible, play on WIFI. 

11. I can't find a table with an empty seat. Add more tables!
The number of tables is automatically adjusted to guarantee that there always is an empty table of each blind size. It may take a few seconds until a new table is created, though. 

12. I had the best hand on the showdown but someone else won. Why?
Everytime somebody complains about this, one of these two cases apply (we look at the hand history):

  • You did not have the best hand. Either you do not remember the hand correctly or you do not know the rank of poker hands. Please read the rules.
  • There were side pots. You may have won the main pot but players with bigger stacks won the side pot(s) with worse hands, because you were not involved in them. Please, read and make sure you understand the rules before playing and definitely before claiming that the game made an error.

13. How do I change my user profile?
At the main screen, press the menu button on your phone and then settings in the menu that appears. Under the "User information" section, press "Edit profile". 

14. Why is the chat censored?
(First, please note that the filter can be turned off in the settings screen or by pressing the Menu button when at a table and pressing Chat opts.)
Because of two facts: 1) people misbehave and 2) people expect us to prevent this / punish the people who misbehave. We do not have the time to constantly monitor the tables, therefore the filter exists.

15. How do I change my username?
You cannot. 

16. Is the game rigged in any way?
Absolutely not.
People play differently when they do not lose any money. This often leads to "unbelievable" situations. 

17. Is the shuffling random?
Yes, the shuffling is completely random. The card deck is shuffled using a hardware-based true random number generator. 

18. May I sell or buy chips from other users?
No. Failure to comply results in account deletion.

Play Texas Hold'em on iPhone Play Texas Hold'em on Facebook Play Texas Hold'em on Google Play 


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