Antonius takes biggest pot in online poker history

Patrik Antonius
Score one for Team Full Tilt as Patrik Antonius dragged the largest pot in online poker history Monday.

In the middle of an epic session on Full Tilt Poker late Monday night, Patrik Antonius and Isildur1 played the biggest pot in online poker history.

At a massive $878,959, the pot totally crushed the old record of $723,000 set by Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Di "Urindanger" Dang in October 2008.

The game was $500/$1,000 heads-up Pot-Limit Omaha and both players sat with over $400,000 on the table.

Nothing extraordinary happened pre-flop or post, but when the A came on the turn the action went nuts with both players raising until all the money - $878,959 - was in the pot.

When the money went in, Antonius and Isildur1 both had aces up, but both also held the chance to hit cards on the river to scoop the insanely large pot.

PokerListings' odds calculator shows it was a 62.5% chance for a split pot when the money went in.

Thanks to his flush draw and gutshot straight draw, Antonius had a 25% chance to win, while Isildur1 had just a 12.5% chance with his seperate gutshot draw and a shot at a non-heart king for a higher two-pair.

In the end, the 8 river came down giving Antonius his gutshot and the outrageous pot.

At press time, the heads-up session was still ongoing, but thanks to the record-breaking pot Antonius was up over $2.5 million on Isildur1 in a battle between online poker's two biggest winners so far this year.

You can see how it all played out in our hand replayer below:


Interesting river card indeed.


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