Antonius Says $5 Million at Risk in Full Tilt Chaos

“A lot of people owe me a lot of money and if Full Tilt goes down completely it’s going to be very difficult for them to pay.”

Patrik Antonius, poker icon and former member of Team Full Tilt, says that he’ll be one of the biggest losers if Full Tilt Poker goes bankrupt despite recent rumors in the poker media.

"This one person made an attack on me, saying I had only $100 in my account. He was right but he’s not right that I’m not a very big loser in this," Antonius told in Cannes on Day 4 of the WSOPE Main Event.

"I'm also concerned how this person got the account balance and why he’s spreading around confidential information,” said Antonius.

While Antonius confirmed his own account contains just $100, he said that there are a few key reasons he stands to lose millions should Full Tilt Poker go under.

The majority of his potential losses have to do with money being frozen on the site, but it also has to do with money he’s owed by other poker players.

“A lot of people owe me a lot of money and if Full Tilt goes down completely it’s going to be very difficult for them to pay,” he said.

Antonius puts the number he’s owed at more than $5 million.

He says one individual in particular owes him $2.4 million and that player’s ability to pay him back rests entirely on Full Tilt Poker continuing to do business.

Included in the huge sum he’s owed is roughly $500,000 in online poker funds that Antonius transferred out of his account player-to-player before heading to the WSOP in Las Vegas, where he knew he’d be unable to access his online account.

“Full Tilt would not let me cash out after Black Friday,” he said.

“My manager and I were trying to contact them about why I wasn’t getting cashed out and they just kept telling us there were problems.

Patrik Antonius
Antonius has more reasons than most to pull for Full Tilt Poker's survival.

“So because I was going to be in the USA for the World Series of Poker I transferred what I had to people that wanted the online money, then the entire site went down and noone could get their money off.

“So the people I transferred the FTP money to are refusing to pay me because it’s stuck on the site and they don’t see it as real money,” he said.

While there were confirmed cashouts for non-US players after Black Friday, most reported serious problems with the withdrawal process and many never received their funds.

That makes it likely Antonius wasn’t being singled out by FTP but rather the company was simply unable to process withdrawals on the scale he was requesting.

To make matters worse, his debts aren’t the only way Antonius stands to lose out if Full Tilt goes broke.

“I get paid a big part of my compensation from Full Tilt at the end of each contractual year in June and this year it was not paid out.

"The same goes for the compensation from the few months before.” said Antonius.

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