Absolute Poker responds to KGC report

Empire Casino, London

In response to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission's report after investigating allegations of cheating on Absolute Poker, the poker site issued a press release saying it recognizes the completeness and accuracy of the KGC's conclusions and accepts the sanctions imposed.

"When Absolute Poker notified the KGC of the security breach in our system, we had every expectation that the Commission would undertake a comprehensive and fair investigation," said Absolute Poker in a press release put out by Anna Molley, Absolute Poker vice president of public and community relations.

The report confirmed what Absolute Poker's own investigation had found, that an employee had breached the security system and played unfairly on the poker site for approximately six weeks. There was no evidence to show that the poker site itself had sanctioned, initiated or benefited from the unfair play.

The KGC was also satisfied with the cooperation provided by Absolute Poker in its investigation and found that the company's only violation was not reporting the issue to the Commission within 24 hours of discovering it, as required according to the KGC's rules and regulations.

As a result of the investigation, Absolute Poker was penalized with a $500,000 fine, plus the poker site will pay the expenses from the investigation and for any further random audits that could be performed during the next two years.

"After reviewing the published report, we recognize the completeness and accuracy of the KGC conclusions, and we accept without reservation the KGC's findings and sanctions," said Absolute Poker.

"Most importantly, we are pleased, after these many months, that Absolute Poker can finally put behind it a most distressing and regrettable experience for the company, its employees and its customers."

Absolute Poker points out in its press release that the KGC acknowledged that the poker site has already taken the appropriate actions to address the vulnerability in its systems to prevent its system from being compromised again.

"AP has appointed a team of both internal and external members to improve controls and install safeguards, and accepts the audit findings as an opportunity to improve our internal practices and guarantee the safest playing environment in the industry," said Absolute Poker.

The poker site also expressed its appreciation that the KGC acknowledged the company was not involved with or benefiting from the cheating activities that took place, and that the poker site made "expeditious efforts" to reimburse players who were affected by the cheating.

"Having experienced first-hand the devastating impact of a security breach, we fully appreciate the importance of trust and security for AP itself and the broader industry," said the poker site. "A secure site goes to the heart of player confidence, and we are more committed than ever to ensuring that confidence."

To that end, Absolute Poker has decided to host the first of a series of "poker security summits" on Jan. 18. The poker site will invite respected and independent members of the poker community to focus on innovative and cutting-edge ways to further improve AP's security and enhance its transparency.

"While AP is paying a severe penalty for the fraud perpetrated upon the company and its customers, we are gratified that we can now close the book on this sordid affair and return our full focus to providing the safest, most secure and most enjoyable poker playing experience in the industry," said Absolute Poker.

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