888poker Teams Up with Hearthstone Icons FlowEsports

flowesports team

888poker is the latest online poker site to sponsor a professional Hearthstone team.

The site is teaming up with FlowEsports and there’s a good chance you'll see a few 888poker patches at upcoming eSports events.

FlowEsports is in a unique position to partner with 888poker because a the majority of its members have backgrounds in professional poker.

Several members of FlowEsports have already repped the 888 brand at the recent WSOPC stop in Rozvadov.

Poker Goes Hearthstone

The FlowEsports team gets up to 10,000 viewers per week while streaming Hearthstone.

TwoBiers streaming Hearthstone.

The team is comprised of Daniel “C4mlann” Märkisch, Tobias “Two Biers” Graap, Vetle “Xzirez” Stubberud, and Johannes “JonnyStoneHS” Steindl. Each member streams on Twitch nearly every day.

The team will be adding some poker into the mix in the near future, however, with at least one session on 888poker per week.

There is plenty of crossover between poker and Hearthstone as both games involve cards, strategy and an element of luck.

If you’re good at one of the games, you’ll probably do fine in the other.

In both games, you have resources — in poker it’s chips, in Hearthstone it’s life counters — and when they are depleted you’re eliminated.

FlowEsports to Attend Live Tournaments

c4mlann at WSOPC Rozvadov.

Both Daniel Märkisch and Johannes Steindl have showed they can hold their own playing poker when they played the main event at the World Series of Poker Circuit event in Rozvadov last November.

Steindl has a lot more experience in poker, having international results dating back to the year 2006, but Märkisch ended up lasting longer in Rozvadov.

While Steindl failed to make the money, Märkisch finished 20th out of 813 entries and cashed for almost €10k.

He must have had some mixed feelings about that result though, as the first-place prize money was over €230k.

Regardless poker and eSports have just grown a little closer, and you can now follow both on the social media channels of 888poker.

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