12 Minutes to $180k: BLAST Players Split $300k Jackpot

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BLAST is 888poker’s variant of the ultra-popular Hyper Turbo SnG with a random number generator determining the prize pool.

Only a few weeks after its launch, eight 888poker players have now enjoyed the best possible outcome in the highest buy-in $30 and $15 BLAST games.

Those outcomes: $300k and $150k, respectively, split among all four players for just a few minutes of poker.

12 Minutes of Poker = $180,000

723bluebell was the winner of the first $300k BLAST Sit-and Go on 888poker. Since they play six 2-minute levels at the $30 buy-in level before the automatic all-in feature kicks in, the whole tournament lasted only 12 minutes.

As the winner 723bluebell cashed for $180,000 of that prize pool. The runner-up, Fekisen from Germany, received $60k of the pool while the other two players both received $30k.

On 888poker all four players win if they hit the jackpot on one of the two highest buy-in levels.

On the second highest level, player lepeno78 managed to win the first $150,000 prize pool match and collect $90k. The other players received $30k and $15k.

"I felt very happy that I won the jackpot and have no particular plans to celebrate. But I will definitely travel when I can, and if possible travel to play in poker tournaments," lepeno78 told 888poker.

"My tip when playing is to be patient and observant."

Test BLAST at Your Buy-In Level

The highest buy-ins for 888poker BLAST tournaments are $15 and $30, but you can also try them out for much less.

Buy-in levels begin at 10 cents. They also run at $1 and $5 buy-ins with the winner taking all at the smallest levels. Give it a try; it’s fast and it’s exciting. 

If you want to give them a go and you don’t have an 888poker account yet, head to our 888poker review page to sign up and access our exclusive $888 sign-up bonus.

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