WSOP 3-Bet: Mizrachi Wins 3rd Bracelet, Colossus Flat-out, Phua Walks

The PokerListings WSOP Daily 3-Bet is like a juicy Game of Thrones spoiler that you can hold over all your mid-afternoon poker news world friends.

You can always make suggestions for future 3-Bet pieces in the comments section below. In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look Robert Mizrachi making his claim as the best Mizrachi, the controversy over the Colossus’ flat payouts and the famous high-stakes “Macau” group getting some good news.

1) Mizrachi, Petrangelo Pick Up Bracelets

Robert Mizrachi
Robert Mizrachi

It was a busy weekend at the WSOP what with the Colossus attracting 22,374 entries but some experienced pros also found the time to win bracelets.

Underrated mixed-game master Robert Mizrachi picked up his third bracelet in Event 3 $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo for $251,022.

That means he’s now tied with his brother Michael, AKA the Grinder, in terms of WSOP bracelets.

Meanwhile Nick Petrangelo (ahem, called it)beat a particularly tough final table in Event 4 $3,000 NLHE shootout to win his first gold bracelet and $201,812.

The final table included Jason Les (2nd), David Peters (3rd) and Andreas Hoivold (6th).

Actor James Woods made a surprising run and ended up finishing in 7th place for $28,832.

2) Poker Pros Bristle at Flat Colossus Payouts

Hope you like flat payouts.

The WSOP announced payouts for the 22,374-player Colossus this weekend and a number of poker pros weren’t particularly pleased with the first-place payout of $638,880 considering the prize pool hit $11m.

Why is colossus first place only 638k? Lol is that a joke? Like 6% of prize pool? Now I'm really glad I skipped it... should be 1 mill easy— Jason Mercier (@JasonMercier) June 1, 2015

If u beat over 22,000 entries in the Collossus you win lil over $600k. If I win, Harrahs can keep the bracelet since they made more. GG— JC TRAN (@jctran23) June 1, 2015

Really confused about @WSOP #Collossus only payin $600k 1st w 11mill in the pool- 5% of pool is a complete departure from industry standard :(— Vanessa Rousso (@VanessaRousso) June 1, 2015

There is of course another side to the story and Ty Stewart explained the WSOP’s reasoning behind the payout.

I think dangerous to look at one pay spot in isolation. Shouldnt look top down, gotta look bottom up all the way up the tiers.— Ty Stewart (@wsopSUITd) June 1, 2015

The Colossus about the field at large, and we're happy that thousands will go home with a pretty strong ROI for their efforts.— Ty Stewart (@wsopSUITd) June 1, 2015

And 4 those who complain we take market average rake we've also got pretty darn high expenses to put this thing on. Not getting 1000x ROI.— Ty Stewart (@wsopSUITd) June 1, 2015

It’s not really surprising considering several pros have been at odds with the event since the beginning.

Regardless of the payout you’ve got to think a huge percentage of the field is playing their first WSOP event and you’ve got to hand it to the Caesars stuff for getting them out in the first place.

And hey, Phil Ivey is a fan:

24,000!! so far for #Colossus - Nice work @WSOP. Great for #Poker!— Phil Ivey (@philivey) May 30, 2015

3) Judge Dismisses Case Against Malaysian High-Stakes Businessmen

Paul Phua
A good day for Paul Phua and friends.

This isn’t exactly WSOP news but it did happen in Las Vegas.

You might remember that last summer FBI raided a Caesars Palace villa and busted Malaysian businessman Paul Phau for running a World Cup betting scheme.

Well it turns out that FBI were a little too ambitious and violated Phua’s rights when they entered Caesars Place under false pretenses.

The judge has thrown the case out and it appears Phua and the other eight defendants will go free.

Here’s what lawyer David Chesnoff had to say to the court after the ruling:

“Paul Phua stood his ground for himself, his friends and family and all of us,” defense lawyer David Chesnoff said.

“Ultimately, he has been vindicated by our constitutional system and the honesty and strength of our federal judiciary. He is free.”

Hey maybe they can play the $111k High Roller at the WSOP!

Bonus WSOP Min-Bets

4) That’s a Payout Line!

This is the #wsop2015 cash out line right now. @WSOP— Loren Finkelstein (@Lorskyfink) June 1, 2015

5) Daniel Negreanu Makes 2015 WSOP Debut

And we are off! My first event of #WSOP2015 2-7 triple draw $10k buy in— Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) May 31, 2015

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