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Kara Scott

Kara Scott

Some personalities need no introduction, including this multifunctional poker celebrity. Kara Scott is best known for her work as the host of poker programs such as the World Series of Poker, European Poker Tour, Premier League Poker, The Super High Roller Bowl, as well as High Stakes Poker together with legend Gabe Kaplan. She also appeared in the first ever televised Backgammon series and is a sports presenter and producer for the channel Five. Aside from all this, she's been a poker ambassador for 888poker for quite some time now, beforehand for partypoker. This is just to name a few things she has done for the poker community, not even to mention she is also very well player herself!

Young and ambitious

Growing up in the Canadian worlds of Northern Alberta with a love for games, you could already tell she was destined to have a competitive, challenging career path she would follow. She loves tower defend games, writing about poker but also mainly about other sorts of things.  She is also a very big lover of dogs.

As it is very common to travel all over the world as a poker professional, Kara does the same thing as she lived in already more than 5 different countries such as Canada, UK, United States, Slovenia, and Italy. Being an ambassador and that poker is not her only job, she also must travel around for various TV-jobs. The love for competitive games and travelling came from a young age. Let’s go through it all in a short summary.

Timeline of success

Kara Scott has got a long history in both poker and TV. In 2005 she started with High Stakes Backgammon games and was the WSOB TV Host, before she started officially to work in poker by being the TV Co-Anchor of Poker Night Live. A year later she made her debut at the English television by presenting and commenting at Sky Poker TV, in the same year she made, as a player, the partypoker World Women’s Open final table which would be her first poker cash. In her career the events would soon follow up each other, as in 2008 she made a deep run during the World Series of Poker Main Event. By doing numerous jobs as a tv-host in the upcoming years she was perfectly combining this with playing poker herself, resulting in an epic 2nd place during the 2009 Irish Open for $413,000.

She created the foundations of her career fast and High Stakes Poker noticed this. Alongside the legendary Gabe Kaplan, who retired eventually in January 2023, she worked as a Sideline reporter. As she was also making name as a player, Partypoker took her in as a poker ambassador and as a TV host, including the Premier League and Big Games. It would be a golden match, as she always mentioned that John Duthie, poker icon of Partypoker, was like her mentor. Together with Mike Sexton and Felipe Ramos she conquered the hearts of the poker communities. The WPT also took her in as an Anchor for the World Poker Tour. Making her playing debut at Poker After Dark was just one of the many highlights of her, by then, still young career. A career which seemed not to have any boundaries as she joined WSOP for the World Series of Poker as a sideline reporter in 2011, and she also got her first recognition by becoming the ‘Personality of the Year’ during the British Poker Awards and receiving a Maven Awards Top media personality award. Achievements she would be recognized for in the years after as well.

By doing more ambassador work for the likes of Battle of Malta, European Poker Awards and the Partypoker Road to Old Trafford, she kicked it off well in 2013. Throughout the years she had been living in the United States but also moved to Italy for example, where her husband has his origins. Partypoker was big at that time as well, but nothing could stand in her way to become the WSOP ESPN Anchor for the break ‘table talk’, somewhat many people who work in the poker media could only dream about. In 2015 she joined the Global Poker Index army and hosted the GPI Masters on Twitch alongside Eric Danis. She got more and more awards for her working and got invited for many charity events as a player, something we believe is decisive for the growth of our poker communities. When having moved to Italy, she got together with the brand TILT poker, as a host but mainly as an ambassador for the game.

It is really an astonishing career what she has put together till now. Countless jobs during the World Series of Poker, being the ambassador for several poker brands, receiving awards for her excellence in the poker industry, we take our hats of for that. 2016, she joined one our favorite poker sites going by the name 888poker, which she instantly took advantage of by finishing 3rd during the 888Live edition in London. Together with Sofia Lovgren-Fullmer and Chris Moorman, she still until this very day is presenting Team 888 everywhere over the world. In the meantime, events like the Super High Roller Bowl got introduced to the world in 2017, where she was the TV anchor for PokerCentral’s PokerGo.

Why do we think she deserves a spot in our Women in Poker Series?

  1. Kara Scott is showing pure excellence with whatever she is doing in her poker career. If its by being a Host or TV-Anchor, a poker player, a journalist, or an ambassador, it seems she always makes it happen to turn things into gold.
  2. Being an ambassador for so long, truly deserves a round of applause. She is the face of women in poker, a true Anchor of the sport.
  3. Her professional career as a journalist and TV-presenter/host and producer, always has put her in the frontlines of the poker communities. She is world’s face of poker media in our opinion.
  4. Do not underestimate women in poker, they are like any other player. Look at the results of Kara Scott. She puts effort like any other professional player, and it pays off well for her.
  5. Above all her achievements in poker, we think she is an example all the way. For journalists, TV producers/hosts/anchors, poker players, and in general life even due to her warm and intelligent character.

Poker achievements

With $664,795 in total live cashes, Kara Scott is currently #157 of the All-Time Money List of Canada. During the Irish Open of 2009, where she lost the final heads-up against Christer Johansson, she got a nice payday of $413,612 and registered her biggest live cash at all times. At the final table we also had a young William Kassouf. When looking at her statistics of live poker, there are not too many registered cashes, 25 in total to be precise.

In 2008, her second year of playing live poker, she managed to become victorious in the Partypoker Sports Stars Challenge III in Maidstone, cashing a little more than $50,000. Within the same year she ran deep in the World Series of Poker Main Event but came short by finishing 104th for a little over $40,000. Followed up by a back-to-back deep run in the same event, finished 238th in 2009.

Kara Scott often got invited for charity or celebrity events. Honorable Sit ‘n Goes, where enough money is up for grabs. Due to her ambassadorships, she got the possibilities as well to become sponsored. Resulting in a 3rd place finish during the 888poker LIVE event in London in 2016, taking home $14,341.

Her last registered live cash dates to 2019, and let it be coincidence, but she won the Ladies Event during the 888poker LIVE event in Barcelona. Best a field of 18 players and collecting $1,4K. After that there are no live cash to be found, but it does not necessarily mean she did not complete in any tournaments of cash games, or even at the online poker felts.

We are positive that Kara Scott will take down another major tournament within the upcoming years. She stands her ground during big fields, and other players need to be worried when being with her at the tables. She is well experienced and takes her poker career seriously. PokerListings is wishing her the best of luck!

Kara Scott is a true asset for the poker community. She has proven to be a reliable and always active personality within the industry and is a great example for any kind of poker player that you can reach to the top, even when you are committing yourself to a profession.

Do you want to join Kara Scott on her trip around the world and get to know everything about any live event and follow all her poker results? Make sure to follow her fully packed social media pages:

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