Try out GGPoker’s Bounty Hunters tournaments

Try out GGPoker’s Bounty Hunters tournaments

When online poker first appeared it was - like many ‘new’ and novel worldwide web developments - it was an impressive alternative means of access to the hitherto not very accessible world of poker, an ‘everyman’ introduction to those who would not normally get involved. Yet, however innovative and game-changing the rise and rise of online poker rooms, it proved to be even more significant than most would have imagined at the time. Thanks to technology being what it is - not least in the case of the player-friendly, forward thinking GGPoker - the so-called Bricks & Mortar version nowadays emulates (and to such a large extent is populated by) online poker, which is the game’s standard bearer and trend-setter. The modern poker player can enjoy, from their sofa or, indeed, almost anywhere, a smorgasbord of poker that in many cases simply isn’t practical in the live environment.

Perhaps the most popular addition to the already varied and imaginative online poker menu is the relatively new Bounty tournament format - ‘new’ inasmuch as a known concept has been successfully devised and tailored for internet poker.

The Bonuses of Bounty Hunters Tournaments

Bounty (or Knockout) tournaments afford players a number of additional incentives compared with what some might consider the less attractive, traditional format. Earning cold hard cash for eliminating our rivals in a tournament means that we can make a tasty profit without even having to make the actual prizes. Being short-stacked doesn’t stop us bagging bounties. So-called progressive bounties see the reward for knocking out a player increase as a tournament progresses and players have more bounties under their belt. In terms of strategy and tactics, the dynamics are different; it’s not the same ebb and flow that we’re used to and we need to be more alert to opportunities.          

If you’ve not yet given Bounty tournaments a try, then making the most of what the packed tournament schedule at GGPoker has to offer is a great way to see what you’ve been missing. As well as the aforementioned reasons why this format is too good to miss out on, there’s the simple matter of the money that’s paid out on a daily basis which, at GGPoker, is at nosebleed levels! Poker is a fun game, and, of course, it’s not all about money, but even the old guard poker purist would be advised to jump on the Bounty Bandwagon, given that it can be a very pleasurable and profitable ride...

GGPoker hosts literally dozens of Bounty Hunters tournaments daily, with each new day seeing over $1M up for grabs. Furthermore, the Bounty Hunters Main Event held every Sunday itself has a guaranteed prize pool of $1M!

Importantly, the choice available in terms of Bounty Hunters fare is indicative of the worthy approach seen at GGPoker in their endeavours to offer something for everyone. Not only does the range of buy-ins cater for bankrolls large and small, but considerable thought has also gone into tournament formats.

Be a Bounty Hunter today – dive into GGPoker, dust off your best virtual wild west outfit and bag those bounties...

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