Tom Dwan Issues Live Challenge to Isildur1

Tom Dwan
Tom Dwan wants online rival Isildur1 to play him live in London.

The identity of recent online dominator Isildur1 will come to light next week if Tom "durrrr" Dwan has anything to say about it.

Dwan recently invited Isildur1 to play the live Full Tilt Poker Durrrr Million Dollar Challenge, which is scheduled to take place Nov. 17-19, 2009, in London.

The event, which is being organized by Matchroom Sport, will play out at the Les Ambassadeurs club in Mayfair.

Will Isildur Come Out From Behind Avatar?

"We have had some tough games over the last few days and the action just keeps on coming," said Dwan, who recently became a member of Team Full Tilt.

"I hope he can make it to London for the challenge so we can play some high stakes live games as well."

Isildur1 and Dwan have been battling at the highest stakes available online all week long and Isildur1 has proven to be a formidable opponent. As of Friday, Dwan was down over $3 million to the unknown online pro, who is rumored to be Swedish.

"The poker community seems to have stood still over the past few days to watch this epic online match-up between Tom and Isildur1," said Eddie Hearn, managing director of Matchroom Sport. "We are hoping he can come out from behind his avatar to be part of TV history in London."

The rules of the heads-up match are simple: blinds are $500/$1,000 and each player buys in for $500,000. Neither player can leave until they are broke or 500 hands are complete. Dwan's opponents will have the option to choose No-Limit Hold'em or Pot-Limit Hold'em.

There are already three players confirmed for the challenge. Aggressive Finn Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies will buy in, as will UK businessman Sammy "any two" George and online cash game whiz Marcello "Luckexpress" Marigiano.

"This is poker in its most raw form - two players battling it out for $1 million, mano-a-mano," said Hearn. "It doesn't get any bigger than this."

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Dano 2009-12-10 21:33:29

Isildur has been playing online quietly for ages before these big games came to light. You can't deposit huge sums of money into Full Tilt in one go. There is restrictions so you need to build your bankroll up. Unless your Team Full Tilt Pro then i'm sure there is ways of by-passing that. It's all publicity at the end of the day. Full Tilt probably know who isildur1 is anyway and help him out to get him into the big games to drum up interest in this Dwan/Isildur1 battle. And in reply to Kyle's comment, totally agree mate, seen him play and he's a lunatic. So, so agressive and catches the luckiest cards if anyone is brave enough to call a huge raise by him. Antonoius is the complete player in my eyes.

Kyle 2009-12-02 16:50:44

Isildur1 is broke. With the way he played there was no way he would last that long playing against top players like Antonius, Ivey, Townsend and Dwan. These players are all just as aggressive as Isildur but the only difference is they know when to be and when to change gears. I watched Isildur play Cole south heads up yesterday on the 200/400 PLO tables and is was clear Isildur only has one aggressive gear, he doesn't slow down. He would have lost all his money to South then and there but he kept catching some really lucky cards. To sum up this Cinderella story...Isildur went on the heater of a lifetime, got cocky and didn't save his winnings, and got his ass handed to him by real great players once his luck ran out. It was only a matter a time with the way he played.

Scott 2009-11-19 13:51:00

this is for danny, you said durrr wants isildur live cuz of durrrs live experience??? R U serious? He has played 100's of thousands of hands online. He has way more experience online then live. Durrrr just wants to see in person who has been putting a hurt on his bank roll. Durrr is a great player but at times relys to much on his reads. Which in the beginning where spot on and now not so much. I've watched isildur play durrr and Patrik Antonoius and Brian Townsend. And all the matches isisldur was getting so lucky at times it was sic. He won't last 6 months the way he is playing.

Mike 2009-11-14 22:21:00

I watched a few of the HU games between these 2 players and basically, Durrr got his azz kicked big time and didnt want to lose face and just carried on when most people would have said ok, he is the better player for now and come back another time. Durrr's aggression backfired and it seemed he was getting a taste of his own medicine. Dont get me wrong, i think Durrr is a good player, just this time, maybe conceding defeat would have been better for him in the long run.

Danny 2009-11-14 19:17:00

Now that Dwan is walking with his tail between his legs it's no surprise that he wants to use his live play experience and attempt to save face, especially after having been dubbed a Full Tilt "pro".

There is no shame in Isildur1 waiting for the right moment to step into the limelight, especially now that the booming interest in his identity means more publicity, and consequently, $$$.

rom2ano 2009-11-14 13:56:00

I absolutely agree with Peter (very first comment). This all seems to be Theater show to advertise Full Tilt...

Durrr Donk 2009-11-14 13:18:00

Durrrr. U suck and I think the better NLHE players are on 25/50 anyway. And I never thought durrr was the best online NLHE player. I think fullflush, patrick antonius, phil ivey and omgclayaiken are better players than durrrr. durrrr just seems to catch the luckiest he sold his soul so he can be the luckiest HE player ever.

i've seen too many hands where he's holding suited garbage with maybe mid pair or a low high pair and then gets it all in thinking that he can make trips, two pair or a flush.

__FlushFull2__ 2009-11-14 10:15:00

"Isildur1 has proven to be a formidable opponent". I saw 2 of the sessions and I saw far more than a formidable opponent. Reading this article makes me believe that the author didnt saw and didnt understood nothing as long as they can use this kind of experssions. Wake up!

gazilionaire 2009-11-14 08:59:00

The most important thing about online poker is that people choose themselves if they want to come forward with their id. respect isildur. look what happened to durrrr when he came forward, instant stardom. some people wist to stay anonymous and we should respect that. If isildur wants to come forward then we should respect the time he chooses, not the other way around.

peter 2009-11-14 08:13:00

Now it just seems like him losing is a gimmick, to set up hype over this FTP millions game. Obv dwan knows who the player is, he is part of full tilt now and im sure management knows who owns the account thats beating durr, and whos name did all the huge wire transfers into the account to be able to play highstakes


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